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☁ Microsoft OneDrive Tutorial For Beginners ☁

Microsoft OneDrive Tutorial For Beginners

Every Microsoft product is designed to drive collaboration and efficiency. Microsoft OneDrive is no exception. Built as a solution to match the emergence of products like DropBox, OneDrive is integrated into the Office 365 offering and works seamlessly with all Office products.

In this video, we will show you how to access and set up your OneDrive account that comes with five gigabytes of storage. OneDrive allows you to send files without having…

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34 Comments on ☁ Microsoft OneDrive Tutorial For Beginners ☁

  1. a q with out an A:

    Is there is a way I will not have to use storage on my pc as well as on oneDrive?

    because I have the impression for now which I need to keep the info both on oneDrive desktop folder and oneDrive Cloud

    Am I?

  2. One drive is a great product to store your data online i prefer safe secure and GDPR compliant!

  3. I can't open files that I saved on one drive by Microsoft online

  4. How do I sync a USB stick with onedrive whilst keeping the data OFF the host computer ?

  5. So easy until it thinks I'm Thai

  6. I heard you don't have to upload your music to My Music you only have to upload it to One Drive and you can still listen to it offline?

  7. Narrated by Patrick Stewart, nice.

  8. Can you do pc gaming clips with one drive on pc

  9. can we use it for backup

  10. I share working version with patch worked version if not working disable a antivirus program.My working software on this link

  11. I love your accent, it sounds so civilized 😀
    You are british, arent you?

  12. Will my email get deleted if I don't use onedrive got a email today say ur onedrive email going be deleted in October dose that mean my email I use get deleted or the app call onedrive plz help I don't have PC no more so idk what to do

  13. Why can't all teachers have his accent? It suddenly makes me focus and stay awake as if it was interesting even when its not. lol. American accents can really drone on and suddenly your zoned out. This video was awesome. Thank you.

  14. this shit doesent work

  15. please visit our website for office 365 product :

  16. So I go to a video I choose share than click OneDrive. Than I get stuck on a image thats just a blue background with the white cloud logo. I cant close it either and only way I can fix it is restarting my pc

  17. Hi, I have one question for you, that does onedrive folder in windows 10 consumes the hdd space from my laptop

  18. Well it covered what I needed to know and already knew but not what I wanted to know. Good beginner though.

  19. Don't install onedrive, it sucks and you will spend your life correcting Microsoft mistakes

  20. What can i do if i forgot my password?

  21. i have been trying to find a way to save my downloads to one drive , but with no luck . does one drive even do this or is there another program for it ?

  22. Is there a way I can't raise the quality on my clips? It's really bad

  23. You're the first person who explained how One Drive works in a way that I could actually get it to work! About 3 minutes in, and it all became clear. Thank you.

  24. hey i moved my big file into onedrive and it doesn't display it in the folder but it does display it in C: with blue refresh icon plus it doesn't display the folder on onedrive website on my account. am i still safe to reset pc? (sorry about my english)

  25. Very helpful for me as being new to storing items in the "Cloud" Thank you

  26. Hello can I just ask how do you make your account not personal on phones? Because I need to add an account

  27. hello dear, why i can't in stall one drive in windows 8.1 it doesn't sport how can i do?

  28. How did you get two OneDrive cloud files on one PC

  29. Hi that was great. Thank you. Just a question though (and sorry if this sounds stupid), but when you create the folders via File Explorer like you have done, Is that being saved in the Cloud or is it physically on your computer? I'm trying to free up space on my computer and looking at OneDrive.

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