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10 சூப்பர் Tricks | 10 Useful Laptop and PC Tricks

10 சூப்பர் Tricks | 10 Useful Laptop and PC Tricks

In this Video we see an very useful Pc tricks that really helpful in 2019,
#10 Pendrive Password Protection
In this Method you can use Windows to Protect your pendrive password so no one can acess your pendrive..using this trick
#9 Windows Night Light Mode
In this trick we see how to use night light option using windows settings
#8 Open Taskbar Pinned Apps
This trick is very useful select taskbar pinned software using…

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  5. Last trik not work bro

  6. WiFi trikes super Anna

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  8. Bro last trick Aa indula work Aavula bro pls help me bro

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    Good job bro always new method

  14. How to reamove password windows 10 bro

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  18. Bro very very useful tricks

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  20. Not only for pendrive bro, also for the local disks works well ????????

  21. I tried trick #1 on my computer but it didn't work.

  22. Congrats for 1m subscriber

  23. how to download games in PC

  24. which screen rec are you use bro

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