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10 Cool Google Assistant Tricks You Should Know

The much loved Google Assistant from the Google Pixel devices is finally making its way to all Android devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and higher. So, if you have just got the Google Assistant on your device, we show you the best Google Assistant tricks, hidden features and Ok Google commands that you will love.

We are demonstrating this video on a Samsung Galaxy S7 running Android 7.0.

Google Assistant IFTTT Applets:


36 Comments on 10 Cool Google Assistant Tricks You Should Know

  1. To enable Google Assistant on your Android smartphone, you can check out our latest video:

  2. I couldn't watch this video compleately even once.. Each time you say "ok Google" my google assistant fires up… I think we have similar voice.

  3. Please show how to set this program in redmi note 5 pro

  4. Thank you so much for your help

  5. If I could understand this guy maybe I would know the hell he's saying

  6. Does she make coffee?

  7. I told google "Its my birthday "
    It told me your birthday is on.. My original birthdate

  8. Ee tricks honor mobile ela work out cheskuvacho telisthe please reply Mr okkk

  9. Nokia meh naiho raha

  10. Siri is better than google assistant.

  11. Haha… it's not secure if u set "ok google" for unlock.
    severel times u said "ok google"my mobile assistense wakes up ????????

  12. dand katu ne khai tra

  13. Che ladri Google play ho fatto un acquisto senza ricevere l'ordine li ho dovuto denunciare per truffa state attenti

  14. stay less with ok google
    'stay safe'
    nobody will u tell this
    they sell ur personal data

  15. Your name is really Nice " Beebom"

  16. Thanks for the heads up on the ways to get more from my assistant.

  17. How can i send a picture to google assistance from my google photos

  18. Then if you lose your phone that means your passport and car keys are in heaven????????????????????

  19. while playing this video ,evry tume the video sounds "ok google" my fone starts its assistant…thats sadening n funny too

  20. Heartfelt felicitation to Mr.Sundae Pichai,the boast of India.

  21. Gyp????????????????????????????????????Let's go shopping!
    ???????????????????????????????? I'm off

  22. Really at 4th of oh d
    o FM j

  23. Google "what does my day look like" then Google answered me "routines aren't supported on this device" what should i do?

  24. Fabb yrr tysm bro….loved this video ????????????

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  26. Hey Akshay
    I was very much astonished that my mobile got ready to listen many time,when u said ok Google in your stopped 4- 5 times during this video

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