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10 DIY Powder Slimes!!! QUICK & EASY Instant Slimes – NO GLUE, NO FACE MASKS, NO BORAX

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Here is the second part of my DIY Slime Powder tutorial! I was…

37 Comments on 10 DIY Powder Slimes!!! QUICK & EASY Instant Slimes – NO GLUE, NO FACE MASKS, NO BORAX

  1. This is annoying a little cause u always talk like ur a science teacher

  2. Almost any slime?

    now make iceberg slime

  3. I found that if you just add the pva powder into glue it gives it a really thick texture, i think because it makes it stronger? I'm not sure but it's really cool and fun.

  4. Hi joana! I have been experimenting with this for a while and have finally managed to create a CLOUD SLIME slime powder! I really worked hard with trial and error and want to share my recipe with you. (the ingredients are approx and make abt 4oz of cloud slime)

    1tbsp dry instant snow
    4tbsp activated instant snow
    6tbsp pva powder
    2tsp baking soda
    2tsp pigment powder (optional)

    1tbsp contact solution
    5tbsp water

    (edit) the cloud slime is not perfect but it does drizzle decently. also make sure the snow is not too wet.

  5. I like about you is that you live in a different place from me but you make the most of your sapliy

  6. Instant snow on instant slime?

  7. Does this slime de-activate?

  8. Also, so I can't find pva powder literally ANYWHERE. Any advice on where to find it?

  9. Wow???? just wow???? I love your creativity ????

  10. Does anyone know what contact lense solution works in Canada?

  11. What kind of PVA does they use to create clear glues?

  12. it's a nice game but ……..

  13. it's a nice game but ……..

  14. She always does 6 tablespoons not 5 go check

  15. Does this work with borax? If it does, it would be more convieniet as all you would need to add is water.

  16. 21:55 that looks like Mac n' cheese

  17. My favorite is the pudding slime

  18. Oops I."……….am sorry

  19. How do some slime powder behave like proper slime ????

  20. Wouldn't it be easier to add powder borax so you can just use water to activate. This girl is soooo anti borax cause she never says "you can use your preferred activator" she says "use contact lens liquid" And she always makes comments on other people using borax. (no hate just a suggestion)

  21. Wht if u used a no sugar added puddin powder for the pudding slime? Im sure theres some of those out there

  22. Stop with the stupid ads

  23. Do it work with detergent like Tide like slime with glue does?

  24. The chocolate one legit made me drool

  25. Is any one getting putty vibes from this slime

  26. Borax is bad for skin

  27. What ist dad dieser Channel ist scheiße what dad #dumm

  28. I know that this is not related to this video but……

    I love the spoon!! Its soo PRETTY!!❤️????

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  30. Can you make slime with clear glue and shaving foam only.????????????????????????????????????

  31. When ever I watch slime vids I always get confused bc is baking soda the activator or borax??

  32. I wish she properly showed the butter slime

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