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10 Fashion Hacks | Cleaning White Shoes

10 fashion life hacks | fashion hacks you need to know | cleaning white shoes | cleaning with Vodka | Fixing Hem | Expanding Tight Shoes | Removing Odour from Clothes or Shoes | Cleaning Sunglasses | Cleaning Suede | Drying Delicates

Hey guys. Here’s a few fashion hacks that can be very useful.
1-2) You can use vodka as a cleaning agent, or you can use it to remove odour on your clothes/shoes. All I did is to dilute the vodka with some water. The solution helps cut right through sunscreen…

28 Comments on 10 Fashion Hacks | Cleaning White Shoes

  1. This is soooooo cute I love watching her old videos lol her style is definitely evolving…still super aesthetically appealing though

  2. Im literally taking a shit now

  3. guys someone answer me pls i was in school wearing WHITE converse (its my first time using them) and someone accidentally spill a milo in it… what do i do? im so nervous my mom is going to kill me????

  4. Ok, well I don't have Chux for number 4

  5. where can i buy chux ?

  6. the shoe thing doesint work

  7. I will try the tea bags the the foul odor of my…roommates shoes 🙂

  8. Well, it's awesome ☺️????????

  9. Vodka u mean ???????????????????

  10. your really creative<3 can you make a hair care video your hair looks healthy<3

  11. can you make editing tutorials? this was a very well put together video.

  12. i loved the intro????

  13. I will try not to drink the vodka LOL! editing skills on fleek!!!

  14. great editing 🙂

  15. love the editing and thanks for all the tips & tricks ! ^^

  16. Thanks for watching guys! <3

  17. What video editor do you use?

  18. Great tips! Love the editing done here!

  19. ME: "Omg, how did she get that Vodka bottle to roll so perfectly and end up facing the right way??"
    LOL loved this video girl and editing and aesthetic <3 Combined with great hacks, it's perfect!

  20. Editing is great for this one, thanks for the sharing the tips!

  21. omg what's the name of the white shoes ? lovee them

  22. Your videos make me so happy! ????????

  23. What camera did you use to film? 🙂

  24. this video is so well doneeee

  25. The editing is so good^^

  26. What is the name of that white shoes!! I am dying for it

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