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10 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2019

These are 10 free software for your computer that are very useful. Beginning with this edition of the “Free Software” series and future episodes to come, we’ll take a look at the best free and open source programs for your computer. In short, when you see the term “open-source software”, it means that it’s source-code is freely available for users to inspect, modify, and distribute the software to anyone for any reason. With so many free and open-source programs that are actually…

40 Comments on 10 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2019

  1. What are your favorite "free and open-source" programs? Beginning with this video, only programs that are both "free" and "open-source" will be featured in this series. To get things started, I presented 10 programs in this video. Future videos in this series will go back to the normal 5 with extended tutorials… Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. I use VirtualBox and VLC Media Player

  3. AnVir task manager gives you a lot of info on what is going on with computer processes with the option to delete or quarantine Belarc Advisers a snapshot on just about everything to do with what is on your system. Both of these are free with the option upgrade but in the long run-you will not need to do that(most likely).

    This one you can use for a time and then ask for an extension for 60 or 90 days(not sure of the number). Eventually you will have to pony up to buy a full version. The program name is Directory OPus-a really good replacement for File Explorer. I paid the money-no regrets on that one.

  4. Open source doesn't mean free, as in freedom. There's open source software with non-free licenses.

  5. Great video! thank you very much for sharing,..

  6. SUGGESTION: for us newbies and oldies [especially both!] it would be helpful to put the software name boldly next to the exhibit throughout its presentation portion.

  7. greenshot easy screencap tool

  8. Snapfiles— freeware, have any application you ever need, and all app,s are tested before they are hosted.

  9. I have two open source programs I use quite frequently: LibreOffice, and Inkscape.

  10. Davinci resolve 16 is an amazing video editor but is not open source.

  11. Microsoft Windows edge office, if it’s Bill my hero I’m in … it that I use and alwAys will.

  12. nice list… also a nice feature Windows should have is to change and manage files easily, such as using Folderchanger, google it

  13. Very great video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I also make videos how to get free PC software. And I want people to get amazing software for free like this. I really want people to see my videos, Please everyone gives me feedback about my channel. Please check me out!!!

  14. Great video thank you! I can suggest to your collection mpc-hc video player

  15. Thanks for the Libre Office tip. Our old 2007 Microsoft Word has to go through a 2-minute load on our Windows 10 machine EACH and every time we open it. As a result, we just leave Microsoft Word open and collapsed in the background. Microsoft wants a kidney & 1st born for the latest incarnation of Word, PLUS you get a nice monthly "subscription" fee to go with it! That's right — no one time purchase. Just an ongoing monthly extortion payment for it. Your Libre suggestion is a Godsend. Free, works great, barely a learning curve, and works with all my old saved documents. THANKS, PAL!

  16. Virtual box is free, but Extension Pack, is just for personal use! Don't use extension pack on a company computer. Then it will cost about 4000 usd for 100 users (minimum)

  17. DaVinci Resolve is better than Shortcut

  18. It may not be fully open source, but is much better than GIMP as it behaves more similarly to Photoshop

  19. Handbrake
    HitFilm Express
    DaVinci Resolve

  20. 100+ mb text editor? What does it do? Make coffee and bake cookies?..OOOOHH FFS THEMES…if i had a company i would fire anyone who uses this. Iwould hire hit squads to scan their systems homes and phones to find any trace of this software.
    500kb text editor 99.5mb themes.

  21. My all time favourite is hybrid, it's so useful

  22. firefox isnt so good as you all think it is.

  23. "Gimp is the best alternative to Photoshop"
    sad Noises

  24. i suggest Krita for digital painting2d cartoon animation

  25. 3:48 OH NO NOT GIMP ! Sorry bug but is MUCH better than that software !

  26. Bro.. ever heard of BOINC? 🙂

  27. Atom is not truly opensource like all electron-based applications

  28. opera browser is the best browser I have tried all and it is easier and has more features

  29. My favorite soft is Handbrake – an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder

  30. Overall a good compilation..But Handbrake open-source transcoder deserves a position in the list.

  31. I use Firefox and VLC Media Player!

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