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10 very useful house repair life hacks

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  2. I liked that ouch at 1:12.

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  6. Wow…???????? Nice

  7. Silver foil in the paint tray – GENIUS!

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  10. On the first one, when cutting a bolt, I always put a nut on the same end as the head. After you make the cut you can turn the nut off the bolt and this will (mostly) clean the threads. You will still need to file a little to prevent a cutting edge, but you'd have to do a lot more if you hadn't used that nut.

    Regarding the tin foil in the paint tray, I just buy the plastic liners – they're cheap.

  11. 3:10 Illuminatti detected…

  12. Cut the bolt on the other side of the nut, take off the nut to clean the threads

  13. paint hacks lame…most painters fast don thave time to drip..slap it side can keep most paint you brush,

  14. I like the hack at 00:50. It's pretty smart.
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  15. Its very amazing idea

  16. Thanks for the video and welcome to my DIY channel)

  17. @mr.hacker I want to ask you permission to download this video with the promise that wherever i post it will also have the link to your page. The reason for this is that i don't want to force interested viewers to open YouTube

  18. Link music ? Mr. Hacker

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  20. what was the first song?? please do tell

  21. if a carpenter uses this
    he will finish a day's work in a week

  22. I could have used the 1st idea when I had to cut a threaded bar.

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  24. Look the difrents like if you see it!


  25. You will get ban from life because you hacking

  26. wow that does seem very comfortabl!

  27. Make's life hack with clips holding down nails. Then in next life hack shows him hammering with his hands again. Goes to show how stupid it is.

  28. fucking hate that opening, what a show off prick!

  29. when you put the two nuts on the other side you can cut also but you clean the end of thread when you remove nuts

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