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10 Life Hacks for Girls

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Name: Zandrea
Camera:Nikon Coolpix S6800
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15 Comments on 10 Life Hacks for Girls

  1. Nice video! We subbed! Would you mind checking out out channel? It would be really appreciated! ????????

  2. it would be awesome if you could do a how to edit videos video!! i edit on a windows computer too and its really hard, lol!!

  3. i like your videos!! i'm a new youtuber so i subscribed to your channel, do you want to subscribe to mine?

  4. love your personality and your channel so much!! would you be interested doing a collab? I would love to be YouTube friends <3

  5. Could u make a room decor and organization tumblr inspired video

  6. hey guys… I'm a new youtuber. and I'll really like it if u could just check my channel.. and subscribe if you like it.

  7. why are you a dork

  8. nice video! I was wondering if you would like to collab sometime? You can instagram DM me!

  9. Really good video! Editing in fleek

  10. Love you your amazing!!!

  11. you have such a cute personality!!!

  12. Love your videos!

  13. can u do a video about how you edit your videos please

  14. Love this!! Very helpful ????

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