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10 macOS Tips for New Mac Users

Getting started on OS X (macOS)? Check out these 10 getting started tips to help get going in the right direction. Read our full post at 9to5Mac:

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32 Comments on 10 macOS Tips for New Mac Users

  1. I'm a Windows and Linux pro but got my first Mac recently and found this super helpful, thanks!

  2. Just SUPER! Very useful tips. Thanks a lot!

  3. Thank you for the tips! Do you have the FD or the SSD? It looks really fast..

  4. Thank you very much!!!!

  5. I’m getting my MacBook Pro in an hour!!

  6. I've been using Windows for 5 years, I was afraid to start using Mac…

  7. Im a student and I'm currently looking to buy a macbook pro, but the problem is ALL of my softwares are pirated version. What i want to know is how much pain in the ass will I go through if I want to pirate apps and softwares in macos environment and is it worth moving from windows to macos?

  8. the minimising window thing has saved my life thank you!!!!

  9. Very nice tips and tricks ????????

  10. This video is super useful!!!!

  11. Thanks but now I have too see if my mum/ dad let me get a mac. But this helped me with more information about macs so I can tell my parents that im more responsible. I also suggest going to this site if your looking for a cheap mac! (You can change it too delivery too any country)

  12. Far too fast to take in, will need ti listen again and slow the pace down dramatically. This is a problem with all proficient users who seek to teach!

  13. Just got a MacBook, been a Windows user my whole life, transferring is really hard, u made it at bit easier tho :))

  14. my emoji bar glitched out and now it no show 🙁

  15. I regret buying a Mac. My old 5-year old Windows Vaio ran better, smh.

  16. Getting MAC device soon, windows 10 is frustrating experience.

  17. Never going back to annoying windows

  18. very good tips, thanks

  19. Thanks. Nice video. Very handy.

  20. One of the most helpful videos that actually gave me 10 tips I didn't know, rather than basic Mac stuff. Thank you!

  21. ????????????Great video????????????Love the emoji tip????????????

  22. I wish I had a macbook

  23. Hi mate all the way from britain thanks for great video insightful video. I have had my macbook pro for 6 months now and you just taught me something I had no idea about. I am a total noob when it comes to apple laptops.Mate any tips how to recover an app that I deleted by accident.Would greatly appreciate it. Please any software that I could download for free to get back the single app I deleted.Or better yet some other way.

  24. BIG PROBLEM with three finger drag. first of all its amazing and it lets you highlight texts without clicking but you lose 3 finger swipe between full screen apps, deal breaker. Considering I use a mouse about 70 percent of the time its not worth it.(yes I still use swipe even with a mouse)

  25. Thanks for sharing! It's useful!!

  26. what kind of specs are on the mac you're using?

  27. Whew! Just learned the three finger drag! That is so convenient!!!

  28. Enabling three-finger drag is a tip I've also seen elsewhere. However, the problem is… when you do that it turns on "tap to click". And I HATE tap to click.

  29. Reminds me of Ubuntu.

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