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10 PS4 HACKS & Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

The best tricks and hacks to maximize your PS4 experience. Do you have any other tips? Let’s talk about them in the comments!
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20 Comments on 10 PS4 HACKS & Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. Nothing new for me. The first tip I already knew before PS4 was launched. I have all PS4 free games from PSN Plus since day one, and I bought my PS4 months after release. If you owned a PS3 back then, you should remember when lots of games were released for PS3 with an $9.90 PS4 upgrade so when you buy your PS4 the game should be available on your PS4 too. In other words, you could have itens for PS4 in your download list even without owning a PS4. So I just added the free games to my download list. I have lots of friends who did the same, and one friend of mine still doesn't have a PS4, but every month gets the free PS4 games to his games list.
    One thing that I didn't see in your video is that you can control your PS4 with the TV remote, a feature that I use a lot when watching Netflix and Crunchyroll, I just turn my Dualshock off and use the TV remote to control the playback. My Sony Bravia let me control devices through HDMI.

  2. 5:55 is that kripparrian on the left?

  3. knew about pretty much every single one these

  4. top hack for PS4

    buy a PC!

  5. Can you get previous free ps+ games or if you miss the chance are you screwed?

  6. and this is why idiots were born

  7. *Insert irrelevant comment about how a $2,000 PC is better than a budget console*

    Please, stroke my retarded ego.

  8. This video should've been made two weeks after the launch of PS4 everyone knows this shit already and if they don't they probably don't have a PS4! hahah dislike dislike.

  9. can somebody pls tell me if number 10 hack still work?

  10. I already did the stocking of free games and most of these I already knew

  11. A little hilarious trick is when using voice commands instead of saying playstation say masturbation. It's hilarious 🙂 have fun

  12. What's up. That's Perfect. record shocking What do you think, guys…

  13. lol u didnt know u can charge control with phone

  14. I knew about the charger trick since I saw the charging cable for the controller. to me it just seemed like common sense

  15. I'm here to say a few things first STOP THE CONSOLE WARS. It's very annoying and second, a console is a console stop arguing which is is better Xbox one or ps4 it's very childish

  16. can someone pls tell me how to get all games from previous lineups and tell me what is the instant game collection?

  17. I got an iPhone :(

  18. "it almost feels like a pc"

  19. Check your facts. Yes, you still own the free games after you plus subscription runs out, however those games are locked until you renew your subscription. And "Volume slider"? You mean the On/Off switch for the microphone?

  20. Crash bandicoot theme :)

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