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10 Tips and Tricks For CSGO

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In this video I will show you 10 tips and tricks for csgo so you will become a pro for sure. Counter strike Global Offensive has a steep learning curve but these 10 tips and tricks of the video will help you become better at the game and who knows maybe you will be a pro someday.

The Clutch Script + Instructions:

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36 Comments on 10 Tips and Tricks For CSGO

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  2. Wist niet dat je Nederlands was????

  3. This guy sounds dutch

  4. lol hij is nederlands

  5. what game/screen recording program did you use sir?

  6. ladies and jellmen?

  7. wtf this has to be a troll. how didnt u know about grenade distances? also u dont need a fucking exec for disbaling voice its a console command ffs. and u didnt know u could hold mouse 1 wwith an AUTO sniper???

  8. such noob tips.

  9. How do I make it so where u can see where u shoot like the dots on the vid when he shot

  10. pookie – means farts on russian. ПУКИ

  11. The script is missing on Reddit

  12. Clutch script out, find new link

  13. wait you cam hold down for the auto?
    gues the name auto makes sence now

  14. arent scripts cheating?

  15. How did u get that green like on ur grenades?

  16. You can get 25 coins in csgofast! (10 for joining + 15 if entering by this link:

  17. hahaha im dum too

  18. Pookie is Belgisch!!!

  19. Goeie video het hielp me erg veel vooral de clutchmode tip

  20. the reddit is emptey, can you give me te text file? or put it in the description

  21. I didn't know about the auto sniper.

  22. couldnt find script bro

  23. Cant understand this arnold type accent..cant

  24. isnt the last one kinda cheating?

  25. I'm going to Play CSGO and every kill i get one person likes

  26. ben je Nederlands? lol

  27. Hello what is the map shown explaining the AK-47 spray and the commands you used in the video?

  28. Wait are you dutch?

  29. honestly this vid helped me alot especially the thing about planting the bomb thnks pookie you just got 1 more sub

  30. What map on 1:20 ? anyone?

  31. Isn't the script some sought of cheating?

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