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10 Tips to Make Your Computer Faster (For Free)

How to make your Windows computer run faster just like new!
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It seems all too common that whenever we buy a new computer, the computer is so fast at first, but then eventually slows down over time. There are many reasons why your computer and windows might slow down, many of which are preventable and fixable. This video goes over the top 10 best ways to fix your slow computer and get it running new. This…

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44 Comments on 10 Tips to Make Your Computer Faster (For Free)


  2. Dude Is this a joke like all your other freaking videos??

  3. hey man i love your videos, keep it up and thanks for everything

  4. Is Windows Defender enough ??

  5. i have everything execpt GOOD INTERNEEEETTTTTTTT

  6. Hey it said that I am Denied Access well "Access Denied" when I did the CHKDSK /F

  7. I did it and my pc work fast but my Internet didn't work that mean I should worried abiut what I delete dumbass

  8. My quick heal antivirus always uses 50 percent of my memory

  9. eyebrows – angry birds

  10. My drive is failing. I had to have it sent in. I didn’t have much important stuff on there, and Jit was too late to back up what I currently had installed. Mainly because I make a backup every so often, but it mainly had games that back themselves up on Steam. And a couple of mods.

  11. This guys a dick he lies to you

  12. This kinda helped meh

  13. Thank you – I followed your suggestions – helped a lot!.

  14. Thanks! This helped a lot. My computer was giving me anxiety at how slow it was


  16. malwarebytes is **not** free since the free version doesnt automaticly wich means u have to click on scan everytime theres a virus

  17. If you've used your pc for few years without reformatting then maybe this could be the sloution.

  18. 8gb of ram is plenty fir gaming FYI. For productivity its bad but gaming tends to be on the lower end of ram usage.

  19. actually when I bought my computer, it was slow


  20. Great video! Just wanted to add another thing you can do to speed things up and that would be a disk cleanup! Good old disk cleanup saves space on your drive and does speed things up, Especially if you have not run it in quite some time!

  21. windows + r and type %temp% and clear all caches……the computer becomes fast

  22. I’m really glad you dropped the whole “joke videos”

  23. You Forgot to do a Defrag

  24. Ran i Virus Scan on my PC and the Results said "You're a Virus"

  25. Just buy a Mac

  26. how do I know what processes I need for start up and which ones I don't ex: window run processes there are three all from April 18, 2018

  27. 1.9k dislikes are the people who thought this was one of Joe's troll videos

  28. My error message for the sfc /scannow prompt was telling me it could not begin the process "Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service." What I had to do was go into Services as admin and find "Windows Module Installer" and go to Properties and make it Manual, hit Apply, hit OK. And then it worked.

  29. I recfently did a Clean Install of Windows 10 and one of the issues I realised afterwards was that Park Control was parking 2 of my cores. This was easily fixed by enabling the more optimal setting and making that the default, so all cores are active. Now my CPU and Disk % are low. The thing that uses up the most Memory is Chrome, and also Windows Defender, which sadly I need for my Xbox app to work.

  30. Wow Nice Thank you Very Much Bro

  31. This helped ALOT THANKS JOE

  32. 1 week later after i did this my pc is not working

  33. Thats good. I knew it but i still watched it

  34. optimization and defraging your hard drive it helps takes a while but helps

  35. guys be careful of deleting the services of services.msc because i did it and now nothing its loading in my screen and i fucked up

  36. er so if i type CHKDSK /F it says i dont have acces to that but i am logged in with an administrator and ran is as admin sooo idk why it isnt working

  37. Personally, changing the power settings to high performance actually overheats my laptop, decreasing performance. That's specially true while I'm gaming. I had to figure out myself an optimal energy setting that would avoid overheating to keep gaming properly.

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