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12 Awesome Hot Glue Hacks

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR WEEKLY VIDEOS! 12 awesome hot glue hacks to use in the workshop. The hot glue gun is very useful on hand when woodworking and doing DIYs. Here are some interesting ways to use hot glue, which you might not have thought of!

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36 Comments on 12 Awesome Hot Glue Hacks

  1. Love you, Darbin! You inspire me to do things… Greetings from Cancun, Mexico.

  2. I love You Darbin!!! )))

  3. I love your voice

  4. I need to get out my hot glue glue gun now !

  5. Think I've figured out how I'm going to install my Ring Doorbell 2. I rent so don't want to drill holes and damage walls…. when I move I can use a couple drops of rubbing alcohol at the seals and if that doesn't work I got some WD-40 =)

  6. I use hot glue on cat trees. No smell. 30 sec dry time. Super strong.

  7. Great Channel 🙂 subbed! I lovemy new glue gun. but I want a cordless now.

  8. YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!!! I love and appreciate everything you share.

  9. Hi and thanks for the tips. Can I use hot melt glue gun to fix the bathtub crack that leaks?!

  10. here is another one. I used mine to temporarily glue steel parts together before welding. clamps were not practical on this project. I glued together, got it super accurate, then tack welding in place, scraped off the hot melt and it was done

  11. That frame at the beginning — securing with hot glue and what? butt joints? (I really want to know.)

  12. 1:12 your smile is ????????

  13. Who would have thought a lady saying "hot glue" could be so endearing 🙂

  14. Best use for a woodworker: hot glue can be used to hold hard-to-clamp and other odd glue joints together while the real glue sets. When setting your glue joint, intentionally leave voids and use a small dab of hot glue to secure the parts together while the real glue sets. Squeeze out is easily chiseled off.

  15. For number 3 u call using a tool and doing what it's suppose to do a hack

  16. Miss can we use to stick glass ,,.. i want to make an fish aquarium ..

  17. Your mother must be proud of you

  18. People saying these are not hacks, come one now, is that the extent of your contribution to society, correct usage of the word "hack."

    P.S. Everyone, well at least most people, now uses the word "hack" in the generic sense, much the same as "tips and tricks." (Come to think of it, no one has ever told me "well what you said are not really tricks, they are tips maybe, but not tricks." Yeah OK, whatever. )

  19. you have a great ideas , thank you

  20. Где такой клей можно найти?

  21. You have the cutest accent.

  22. Why do you only work with wood?

  23. Very nice all the best

  24. are you from sweden? if so hej!

  25. Advise on the LED strip mounting and waterproofing.
    most LED's tend to get pretty warm and might melt the hot glue again.

  26. hot glue gradually loses its gripping strength . Its ok for temporary use . Its not reliable.

  27. My hot glue cools so quickly! :c

  28. I used hot glue to seal small cracks in my foundation and not only is it a quick and easy fix it stops water from getting in.

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