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12 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks for Cortana

Cortana is a fantastic addition to Windows 10, but you may not be using the fancy digital assistant as much as you thought you would. Fortunately, this video will introduce you to some pretty amazing functions that can save you time on a daily basis. Enjoy learning all about what Cortana can do on Windows 10.

30 Comments on 12 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks for Cortana

  1. awesome my Cortana keep crushing

  2. how can i use cortana like you it's not working in my pc

  3. Ok, just starting to try to learn Cortana and she is driving me crazy!! LOL I have the calender that comes with windows 10 and can manually set appointments on it BUT when I ask Cortana to set up an appointment she tells me, "Lets get a calender set up for you, choose one that you would like" and I don't understand why Cortana doesn't just automatically use the calender on windows 10 or how to choose it when it's already there? I'm going to keep posting this out there until someone helps me with this.

  4. Asking cortana to sing a song and to do beat box is just so damn crazy

  5. i would rather see an avatar of the character or one i can customize than the boring blue rings.

  6. For an advance thing I'm still braking my brain why I can't control windows volume with a simple "lower my volume" or "set windows volume to 50% or half"

  7. how come windows+C doesn't work? do i have to sign in first?

  8. Did anyone else just want the commercial before this video started with a kid in karate kicking the wall. It was a paint commercial. I was wondering why my kid keeps kicking MY FUCKING WALL. Want a stupid commercial. Use a kid to kick his wall at home. I’m pretty sure parents don’t like KIDS KICKING WALLS. PREMIER PAINTS. SO DUMB

  9. So needed to know when James Bond is playing..

  10. Why not title this, wasted time watching a video?

  11. she is very Awesome?

  12. Windows Key + C doesn't work for me

  13. DUDE! You do know that Cortana is a VOICE program, don't you? Why would I type in the questions? I can do that by opening a browser tab already.

  14. This is mega cool! Thanks for the help!

  15. is it avialable in hindi language ?

  16. Does Cortana only work when you online?

  17. is it available for user from nepal?

  18. I would like to find a microphone that works with Cortana. Any recommendations as to a resource to find these?

  19. from where i can download cortana? can u please send link

  20. In my conputer, she will search whatever I said. How can I chat with her?

  21. cortana is like jarvis

  22. Ask cortana to beat box for you, she spits fire

  23. "Cortana, make moaning sounds"

  24. cortana sure is helpful..

  25. can I receive my messages through Cortana?

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