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38 Comments on 13 Amazing Kitchen Organization Ideas! (Cheap and Easy)

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  2. Great ideas on the magazine holders.

  3. Love the yays in the background lol!

  4. Great ideas~ thank you!

  5. Toomeric? Why does everyone say that word wrong?

  6. I have used several of these ideas for years. I also have that very same bamboo turn table. I keep 12 plastic grocery bags in a tall deli style container, and store all of my dry goods in mason jars.

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  8. Best tips yet. Ive seen.

  9. Great!..Now where do I get a pantry?

  10. ????????????☺☺☺☺☺love it

  11. Those 'ridiculous' hangers that come with pants are very useful for hanging your pants up with ????

  12. Juice/water/pop bottles are one time use bottles that are made to break down after the first use. They leak plastic and are decomposing right after use once the contents are gone. Better to use glass bottles or heavier containers for storage such as Rubbermaid or storage containers at places like Dollarama or Dollar Tree.

  13. Upgrades indeed, hacks..nope!

  14. Love that computer voice who can't pronounce words properly 12 out of 9 times! ????????

  15. Don't take plastic bags at the grocery and you won't need to store them at home. Plus, it's way better for the environment. Just take re-usable cloth bags for your groceries.

  16. Pants hangers are ridiculous unless used to hang chips? Hanging chips from amything is what is ridiculous!

  17. I use an empty tissue box for storing plastic bags.

  18. BPA plastics will poison your food. True story.

  19. I would rather buy the actual lazy Susan than the marbles… ????

  20. These aren't hacks!

  21. 13?? Couldn’t find one more? Couldn’t omit one?

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  23. I like the cupcake liners in a jar, cool.

  24. All look like complete tacky shite sorry

  25. Canned food is in unhealthy.

  26. I use the clear soda can boxes from the dollar store to organize canned food

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