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15 Hidden Features You Didn’t Know Your Xbox One Could Do

Your Xbox doesn’t just play games. It’s a machine so highly sophisticated that it’s a few teraflops short of sprouting legs and conquering the planet. Here are all its best hidden features, secrets, and tricks, and how you can find them.

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46 Comments on 15 Hidden Features You Didn’t Know Your Xbox One Could Do

  1. What is the music in the background?

  2. 8:18 and 3:30 were honestly the only ones I found helpful 8:18 because I'm trying to make a yt channel and 3:30 because who doesn't want to get things for playing games

  3. playstation is for babies. everyone has it bcs their friends say its cool. but the trueth is…. xbox was already better from the start. shoots playstation in the head

  4. Can't even use microsoft rewards in my country.
    Shame on xbox I guess…

  5. How do you have only 411k subscribers you guys should have like have 10 million

  6. My favorite thing to do on my Xbox is..? Play games… not watching TV og browsing the internet.

  7. She uses her entire body when talking

  8. I started on PlayStation went to PlayStation 2 Xbox dropped I went to Microsoft, 360 dropped I bought one haven't even so much as thought of a PlayStation since owning a 360 and I'm 24 now…. That's saying something…

  9. Xbox is so T H I C C

  10. How can I download wallpapers and use them for my profile

  11. Is it sad that I have scream ride

  12. Wait guys we don’t know what the power button is edit never had a like on my comment before thanks

  13. Well fast start works with PS4 and SWITCH, the streaming to the PC and laptop thing works for PS4 also when a game is downloading you can still play the full game also the download speed is increased. But I do see where u are getting at also ur knowledge on the Xbox one is amazing.

  14. We need people who speak fluent english

  15. The dislikes are all PS4 fans

  16. thanks for these, HAPPY EASTER!

  17. Fast start doesn't work well because I tried it with my new game Injustice 2 and after I did that it crashed ever since. I had to uninstall it and install it back and wait for it to download without playing or interrupting.

  18. Insider is glitchy and not fully debugged… (Insider= Become a free debugger for XboxOne, using your bandwidth and time without Microsoft spending their dime.)

  19. Is it my volume or does your suck

  20. I didn’t learn anything new

  21. I have that blue controller on ur side

  22. Xbox isn’t that bad, just need a baseball game. Wish Microsoft start buying all these IP’s.

  23. How do you fast start

  24. My controller doesn’t need batteries??….I use my charge lead from my PRO…saves me ????..????????..Not a lot of people know that!

  25. The girl in this video is so beautiful

  26. Plzz give me a Xbox live gold

  27. For the next update, you need to be able to do live from the Xbox directly on Youtube !

  28. Wowww shut up the pair of you annoying lil geeks go loose ur virginities to each other jeez!!!

  29. Wow the on button, never seen one of those before. 2019 is epic

  30. I bleed green

  31. Add hdr10 + support

  32. Its a " PUSH-UP", NOT a " PRESS-UP"!. LMMFAO ???? ???? ????.

  33. How is 1 new its basically superfetch on crack

  34. 20 megabits not bytes

  35. Holds Xbox One controller for one month: "I like this controller."

    Holds Xbox 360 controller for 1 second: "ALIEN!!!"

  36. PlayStation sucks! Xbox is awesome!

  37. How to fix Xbox online service

  38. Like if you are a Xbox player

  39. Xbox fan…but thwy need new games

  40. I don't have to "connect" option on my laptop ??? Help

  41. I modded my Xbox one X to overclock like a pc to 270 FPS, download at 1,000 MB/s, have 0 ping, use keyboard and mouse on games that don’t even allow it like R6Siege, and play games in 8K

    let me know if you wanna know how to do that stuff

    Xbox One X
    WiFi 50-75 mb/s speed
    And everything else is gonna be

  42. That where 8d sound????

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