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20+ Galaxy Note 8 Tips and Tricks!

We’ve compiled 20+ Galaxy Note 8 tips and tricks that should make you the ultimate Note 8 pro! We go over utilizing Multi Window, S Pen functionalities, changing up display grids, and even manipulating animation speeds to make your phone perform faster!


25 Comments on 20+ Galaxy Note 8 Tips and Tricks!

  1. At 1:41 of your video, how did you make the Always On Display background Black in color?

  2. Where did get that wallpaper?

  3. Why no one speaks about that wireless chargers are dangerous for the health of People.

  4. Sorry, your going way to fast for us older folks

  5. How did you change the notification bar to black, mines white?

  6. Does the always on feature affect the battery life badly?

  7. My pen just hovers and doesn't translate. Wtf

  8. Great vid, thanks! Who pays $36 for 12 cookies though? Are they from Colorado?

  9. Im loving this stuff. Implementing things as we go.

  10. am getting 1 pretty soon

  11. I wish you talked faster

  12. How do you get the pixel icons on the home, back, and task buttons?

  13. I dunno y some of the features not working on my phone. Like fpr example this palm gesture to screen shot and the multi window pop up thing.
    Btw i just updated my software to 9.0 android oreo.

  14. why I cant double tap de screen with the s pen and pop a note?

  15. anyone know how to make the face widget fade with background? Mine somehow went to a almost transparent square box deal around the clock. Dunno how it happened but its bugging me. can't find a vide for that.

  16. Where did you get your screen saver?

  17. That is my dream phone, hopefully to have it someday

  18. poorthing is, note8 is different by (note,note2,note3) if s pen without s pen short cut.. example like using s pen to (back, upward,downward, and s pen trick). now note8 have to go back is press top side and bottom home. (@,@) sad. . but still got alot cool stuff in note8…

  19. I got a note 8 and love it, it's more meant to be a regular phone, I use the s pen all the time, but then again I use it for art and tattoo designs. It's the best phone of its kind using a stylist. I've had notes, and regular Samsung galaxy phones, I love em both.

  20. Wooow that's a lot informations

  21. I bought my note 8 from japan and i have no shutter sound option in settings plz hlp me

  22. What theme is being used?

  23. Weird question but what kind of theme do you have ? I'm really enjoying it and would like to get it myself

  24. 6:50 why I don't have the shopping cart icon ?

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