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20+ Galaxy Note 9 Tips and Tricks!

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We’re back from First 10 Things, Unboxings, and S Pen ramblings to share 20+ Galaxy Note 9 tips and tricks. For those not familiar, this is a full-on tutorial of the best features and settings to adjust as you embark on your Note 9 journey.

You’ll find out how to customize your home screen, the best ways utilize the Always-on display, which Advanced Features are worth using and the best display and sound settings, and how to find your first…

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36 Comments on 20+ Galaxy Note 9 Tips and Tricks!

  1. Is the any iPhone better than the Note 9?

  2. Watching on my Note 9.????

  3. I dont have an option to change the color of the notification bar like u did. Wthhhheck

  4. I got my note 9. Great device. One problem, how do I disable this daft bixby button or get it to launch Google assistant?

  5. It doesn't have the Android Pie yet. Sad.

  6. haha device assistant also not a thing on my phone wow

  7. multi window is not even a thing on my note 9 i have searched high and low on my phone like wtf

  8. I would appreciate if reviewers tried Bixby out whether they like it or not to explain better n let people decide… all the videos I have seen starts with "I'm not a fan of Bixby " or "I hate Bixby" or "I would never use Bixby " there are people like me Bixby is useful to… just do ur job 4 d viewers. I appreciate ur time but since u doing this be thorough… Bixby 4 me does what other assistants cant… especially routine that have to do with my phone. Just my 2 cents. .. give it a real try and then say, not following trends. After a sincere try give ur opinion after doing a proper review… u love a phone or not shld not be a reason why I shld or not #justsaying

  9. I noticed that you and majority of galaxy users swipe down the quick settings menu with 1 finger.. try to swipe down it with 2 fingers.. now the full menu will open directly.. that feature is there since note 3 but not many know it.. I hope it adds to your galaxy skills 😉 Peace..

  10. I went from Samsung to one plus after the notes where lighting on fire but back to Samsung I go with this beautiful note 9…home sweet home

  11. This is cool and all but 15min in and i have to say…. Ive used all these features on my note 4

    Even icon packs, themes and finger gestures

  12. You are a little to fast

  13. Just copped the note 9 yesterday ????????

  14. It's fckn crap, save your dollars

  15. I have 1 main issue not showing notifications on bagde if many have notifications on any app if 1 time open app another notifications is Vanish

  16. Bought the Note 9 blue. A lot of features I can't access since updating. I don't know why they done this for the amount of money that was spent on this thing. I'm disappointed. The Note 4 I was using puts the Note 9 to shame. Some of the biggest disappointments is the texting and S note features. Two features I personally use the most. They're sorry in comparison. Oh well. It is what it is. I'll deal with it. It's either that or go to something else that ain't worth a crap. All I can say is it's new and it's paid for. If if knew then what I know now I wouldn't have bought it. I could have been disappointed in a two hundred dollar phone and would have been hundreds of dollars richer.

  17. 4:22 You hide apps the do nothing like those that say thanks for unlocking, or are just licenses.

  18. Anyone else not have the same features on their note 9? Mine is from AT&T and my settings screens look different????

  19. This Note9 is worth your purchase. I got one through Optus and it such a powerful device to do so many things with it.

  20. S10 just came out, but planning to get a Note 9. Don't know why I'm way more impressed by the Note 9 although S10 is the current big thing.

  21. Sadly the last update makes battery life kinda suck.

  22. Old ass Karen ears, LMAO!

  23. Have a Mate 20 pro.. Seriously considering trading for the Note

  24. I purchased the Note 9 today. Its blue. My thumbs hurt.

  25. I'm using my iPhone 8plus

  26. Who's using a note 9 to watch this video I am

  27. By talking so fast all you did was push me away to watch someone elses video.

  28. I have had a few phones as u can see on my videos. Actually more than whats shown. There all good but none can touch the note 9 in call qaulity. I am going to try a iphone next. Never owned one.

  29. Clear Video, Good Info Thank You!

  30. Got my blue Note 9 yesterday. Glad I finally made the jump.

  31. I'd like to thank you for going so fast, it's hard to watch other videos where people go thru this stuff sooo slowly, drives me crazy! Good job, nice video ????????

  32. I have been a Apple iPhone user since the beginning and decided to try Andriod for the first time in my life, so I went for the Samsung Note 9 512GB and was so excited to get it. I took 2 months to learn as much as I could about the 100's of tips and tricks. My biggest complaint is that it had so many adds on every single app that I never had using Apple. The facial recognition was very unreliable and the iris did not work. I also purchased the watch and Samsung Tablet and the both dissapointed my expectations and are now were near the ease of use I experienced with Apple. by the 4th month I decided to sell the lot and get the iPhone XS Max 512Gb. and the Watch4. I am so glad to be back with Apple and just love love love Apple and will never go to andriod ever again. The Apple is so much cleaner easier to use an flawless. I am no longer stressed with rubbish adds and virus attacks. Thank you Apple. I gave Samsung a try and learned that Apple is the most superior phone and watch my miles. Thanks Apple.

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