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25 Cleaning Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Cleaning is a pain. From vomit stains and cat urine to dust and clogged sinks it seems like not a day goes by that something doesn’t require a good scrubbing. Don’t worry though, we’re here to change your life. These are 25 cleaning hacks that you will wish you knew about sooner!

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43 Comments on 25 Cleaning Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

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  3. I have one. Those nasty rings on the water line in your toilet. If you're lazy like me they can build up in no time. Also, that soap scum on the tiles in your shower can get pretty thick, too. Here's the trick: Buy a 220 grade drywall sandpaper. Sheets come in roughly 8X11. Cut into quarters. Use ONLY soft soap – like dish washing liquid – and the rough surface cleans right down to the surface WITHOUT scratching. Works on smooth surfaces like tubs, tile and toilets. Most hard surfaces, too – even ovens. Takes very little effort. Each square will last for 4-5 cleanings depending on how long those little bumps on the sheets last.

  4. I never knew that these cleaning hacks work but now I know

  5. What scares me is the 1% of germs that can survive in a microwave!

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  7. I'll use #11 this spring for the window blinds!

  8. I use vinegar to shoot crack and lemon to shoot brown lol

  9. Will apple cider vinegar work just as good as plain vinegar ? ( for shower head and that )

  10. Boy thats a great prize

  11. You could have put in better music. Overall okay.

  12. Okay…mbut dont use bread to clean up glass!!!

  13. 13. Use oil to clean oil????????

  14. If u put a bag of minute rice in your wet shoes will the shoes be dry in a minute?

  15. Most internetters use one sock for summin different

  16. Or just stop being such a slob.

  17. Scrub using a grapefruit? You nuts? A grapfruit costs a much as a whole bottle of universal cleaning soap

  18. Oil free….using oil to clean the surface….

  19. um..duh most of this…..if vinegar and baking soda can clean out a broads nasty snatch ( which they have been enlisted to do for many centuries ) , it will have NO trouble will household mold spores , fungi , lice or unclogging ''drains''……

  20. honor Does anybody recognize worse than this varidnt

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  22. I'm not so sure all of these are completely legit..

    Putting oil on your stove and then claiming "now it's oil-free" doesn't quite jive..

  23. Shoe polish on your furniture? Lmao and the polish will rub off on your clothes!

  24. Hi I love ur videos it very helpful can u please suggest how to get rid off red bugs from house walls carpet n bed bedsheets

  25. Wait a damn minute, he just said wipe vegetable oil all over your stove, then oil free???? Wtf where i come from that would make a freaking mess dude your retarded

  26. Microwaves do not kill the organisms and germs in the sponge or food.

  27. what was the point of 7?

  28. real silver not the fake lmfao

  29. Spray my bed with vodka to clean mattress???
    …….but that's where I go wen I've had enough vodka…great, now wat??

  30. Got oil on your stove use more oil to clean it

  31. We don't have any fucking fans in uk

  32. I need a cleaner to rinse off the cum from the microfibre towel.

  33. 2:43 just add a few drops of vegetable oil on some paper towel and rub down your oily surface and its oil free? No its covered in vegetable oil wtf?

  34. mimi marino really it killed you your stupid

  35. It's IMPOSSIBLE to hear the spoken words, correctly. I had to watch the videos, over & over, 'til I went to the website, to READ everything.

  36. a lot of baking soda and vinegar..but I found a lot of explanations lacking as far as how to continue after the initial steps..also there are dozens of other hacks for the exact same things that I've personally tried that work much better. by far my least favorite hack video..

  37. Bjesus kisps. Is there any channel Youtube kids are not on?
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  38. Baking soda is our go to for cleaning — works on almost everything! Great video

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