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3 Ways to Open a Lock


Hi, there, my dear friends! In this video I will show you 3 amazing life hacks with Locks.

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41 Comments on 3 Ways to Open a Lock

  1. Tum log Aisa video Banakar ghar main Chori karwate ho Humne 50 Taali Badal chuke hain ghar ka Chora Khol deta hai Hum Barbad ho gaye hain Tum batao kya kare please kholne ka Tarika key nahi Dikhane Aaja

  2. Thumbnail clickbait. ???? shitty loud music ???? destroying locks ???? methods that dont work ???? duplicating keys is not lockpicking ????

  3. wa ha ha ha… awesome man…

  4. This douchebag loves this $1 store made in China cast garbage lock for his videos!!!

  5. 1. making pick set out of reshaped paperclips
    2. slamming a screwdriver in a 3 dimensional cross section keyway
    3. needing original key's shape to cut out a plastic/cardboard duplicate

  6. Yes, 3 ways to open the shittiest lock known to man

  7. This really works for me!!!????????????

  8. All the thieves will watch this video if you upload this video. Best is you never upload videos like this.

  9. ok your breaking them and why do you need to cut a can lid to the key when YOU HAVE THE KEY!!!

  10. the last way was pretty smart! 🙂

  11. Я такой замок одним ножем открываю

  12. What is the pin name

  13. Yea but those are not American locks

  14. IT is realy? IT is gypsi school ????

  15. question is. why would you buy junk like that to begin with?

  16. yeh sary trick chor na dakhy haaaa

  17. Nice video. Please tell me the background music name.

  18. Wofür Schlüssel wenn man doch Ben Schraubenzieher braucht.

  19. Number 3

    If you need the original key to make a copy out of tin JUST USE THE FUCKING ORIGINAL KEY YOU TIT !

  20. Third is best and easy method

  21. These won't work on Indian locks.

  22. Lock picking has leveled up

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