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3D in Windows 10 Tutorial: Create a volcano in Paint 3D

Think creating in 3D is hard? Paint 3D makes it easy. See how you can use its tools and features to make a 3D volcano scene that can be seen from all sides. Learn more about 3D in Windows 10 here:

35 Comments on 3D in Windows 10 Tutorial: Create a volcano in Paint 3D

  1. Hi! my photo editor updated on its own….how can i restore my old windows photo editor? the new ones is bull** in terms of editing features. the Selective Focus option is gone. any ideas? thanks

  2. THANK YOU MICROSOFT!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Why do I have Paint 3D, 3D Builder, Print 3D and Mixed Reality Viewer as different apps?
    Can't they all be in one package for now?

  4. how long it takes to create a volcano in microsoft paint 3d:

    video: 14 minutes
    real life: 3 days

  5. We need all windows back to life Windows is famous you don't have to make them die

  6. oh my god. that's great, becky


  8. I love windows? WHO KNOW!

  9. Windows,i have a question.why is there no windows 9???


  11. Last time someone said ….hey I love powerpoint was 19never!!!!

  12. Create Windows 11

  13. Looks like there's a bit of lag. No real-time feedback?

  14. This is the only useful thing microsoft has made in a decade

  15. Where can I get that custom sticker?

  16. How do you get a pic for a custom sticker such as the lava and texture for volcano rock

  17. I need on windows 7

  18. ????????????????????????????????????????

  19. I need windows 10 here for ever

  20. don't let windows 10 end

  21. Suck it blender its windows paint era now

  22. How to make transparent shape?

  23. better than blender :v

  24. Incorrect upload order. First we get a powerpoint video where this model is already shown in use and only then do we get to create it… When bulk publishing, wait a minute between uploads. Or space them out even more for an increase in views. Releasing one video a day is far better than 4 videos a day and then followed by 4 days of no videos.

  25. Looks impressive.

  26. that's wonderfully bad! >_<

  27. Very low efficiency and low precision, look how many times she make mistakes with that pen. Microsoft should polish windows 10 instead of developing these useless functions.

  28. I can hear the surface book 2's fan blowing????

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