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4 Folding Hacks You Need To Know About

Get those drawers organized!

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25 Comments on 4 Folding Hacks You Need To Know About

  1. If I do not have a Men’s Health Magazine, is there another one that would suffice?

  2. this t shirt hack absolutely doesn't work. bad hack.

  3. I have an easy hack, be homeless. So you only have one outfit to wear. No folding, no mess!! I did this, i'm on the street in LA with a cardboard sign that says "bet ya $10 you'll read this sign" and now i'm on my way to get some kentucky fried chicken. Hopefully someone will follow in my footsteps.

  4. This is impossible, I bet you just hired someone to do it F this

  5. I dont understand the t shirts pls next time make it slow and dont change location of camera it makes me confused

  6. oh…this r truly………….usefull

  7. The t-shirt onr worked cot me thanks????????

  8. Just watch DaveHax's version, much simpler to understand and cuts out all the unnecessary editing…

  9. or when u get em out of the dryer just keep. in ur dirty clothes basket

  10. a lot of these were too speedy. would be nice to slow it down, and have them more on the screen….like esp the T shirt one. whoooooo. pisser

  11. I fold my clothes into rectangles

  12. you know its really hard to fold a tishirt with that hack if you keep changing camera angels

  13. They did it to fast and camera angles sucks.

  14. I'm trying my best on T-shirt thanks….

  15. "God bless you buzzfeed!" ????????❤️

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