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5 CMD Tricks to impress Your friends

Want to impress your friends with CMD but do not know the codes?
Well, this video will show you the most impressive codes.
Try it out! No code in this video is harmful for your PC.

CMD Tricks 2:

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– Atomic Boy


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20 Comments on 5 CMD Tricks to impress Your friends

  1. Next is how to steal cod bo2 intro for a dumb video :D!!!

  2. Hey The Easiest way to Shutdown A Computer is to..
    Open Notepad And Write..
    shutdown -s -t 10 -c "virus activated"
    It Will Shutdown Your Computer In 10 Seconds

  3. i thought it was call of duty
    haha lol

  4. When i do remote shutdown on other computers, it says Access Denied <5>. What do i do so that this does not happen?

  5. Its not working

    Can u do something which does not include the notepad?

  6. How did you get to the CMD folder?

  7. fantastic video with great edits u my friend deserve more subs

  8. Where do you open CMD files? Been searching it for hours.

  9. the shutdown -i is illegal and you can get arrested if you get caught doing it.

  10. Nummer eins geht in c++ vieeel besser. 1. Viel weniger script. 2. es ist eine .exe drittens: es sieht umlääängen besser aus!

    #include <iostream>
    int main(){system (
    "color 2" ) ;while(
    "%&%" ) { int i=
    rand() % 2 + 1
    ;std::cout<<i-1; }}

  11. the shutdown does not work on other pc's, [Permission Denied]

  12. the remote shutdown works when i put other IP adress instead of my IP?

  13. the thumbnails is op

  14. >is proud of his "hacker" skills
    >tell people they're noobs
    >uses shutdown through the graphical interface

    really ? Did that crap when i was in early middle school…

  15. tyoe this to get a suprise!!!!!
    del C:windowssystem32

  16. im imprest i never use cmd and im studying now are you a boy or a tennager atomic im confuseing beacuse kids never have an video like this

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  18. sorry man my dad wont lemme do any of these

  19. It is a very good video for cool cmd tricks . if you want to more easy nice about cool cmd tricks visit this link

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