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5 Easy Pop Tab Life Hacks!

Everyone has those little pop tabs and today I will show you
5 incredible life hacks that you can do with them!
(This is my first life hack video, so criticism is welcome!)



INTRO — RavenProDesign Youtube Channel…

20 Comments on 5 Easy Pop Tab Life Hacks!

  1. These are awesome! Think I'll have to use the clothes hanger/tab hack. 🙂 

  2. If you also get enough to make a wheelchair you can send them somewhere in antario in Canada and you will get $30,000 Canadian dollars cool huh

  3. Is pop soda?.. I feel stupid

  4. Nice tune man i enjoy it , check out my channel aswell i would appreciate it

  5. Do u play minecraft???

  6. What do I do when the exposed and sharp metal scrapes the plastic off my headphones and now they shock me when I wear them?
    Also is there a way to turn a pop tab into a needle to sew up the gash on my finger, again from exposed and sharpened metal that shredded my finger tip last time I tried to go to the bathroom?

  7. Now when you reach for your zipper you get a razor sharp piece of metal stabbing you in the finger instead

  8. I watched this video while drinking a AriZona

  9. Cool video I like how it's things I never heard of before there
    youtubers. Just keep using other peoples hacks

  10. damn dude im subscribing

  11. Wow,you are smart!

  12. One of the best videos!

  13. Thank you! I've been looking for that last one!! Great vid! :)

  14. Good job Paul! 🙂 I liked the intro at the beginning, the voice over, and how long and explanatory everything was! 

  15. I wish number 5 worked for me and girls. :'[

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