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5 Time saving Revit Hacks

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14 Comments on 5 Time saving Revit Hacks

  1. I want to put 1000000 like …thank you v much

  2. Can you tell me center line method

  3. 0. Advanced 1 Hour Courses! – 0:53
    1. Match Properties – 1:21
    2. Curtain Walls – 3:29
    3. Select Previous – 5:07
    4. Repeating Details – 6:07
    5. Custom Thumbnails for Project Files (.rvt) – 8:10
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  4. 5. Thumbnail Tip:
    However, when you open the project again and save it with a different view as your 'active view' this will override your logo thumbnail. You need to tie is to a certain view if you want it to be constant.

  5. Hi. Sir this SYED ZAKIR from India I am very much intrested for learn REVIT AND BIM PLZ provoid the class one full projct

  6. Helpful for basic users I guess… calling them hacks is a bit of a stretch!

  7. Match type properties has always been a "hit or miss" for me. Revit wont do it 60% of the time I need it. Any special constrains/parameters that may be blocking it?

  8. Very intersting and useful????????, thank you

  9. One of my personal favs is using BX on any selected object in a plan view to quickly check it in 3D

  10. Just unpin them all at the same time in the modify tab or with unpin command (UP)

  11. How to get the Level line visible in 3D view?
    Please reply

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