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5 Tips Pros Abuse In Fortnite Battle Royale (Fortnite Tips & Tricks)

5 Tips Pros Abuse In Fortnite Battle Royale (Fortnite Tips & Tricks)

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39 Comments on 5 Tips Pros Abuse In Fortnite Battle Royale (Fortnite Tips & Tricks)

  1. Wood is the best mat because it may not have a high health but its health builds up quicker making it better for build battles and just regular building

  2. I cringed so hard when you didn’t open the Supply Drops ????

  3. My usual weapons choice is AR/Machine Gun, Shotgun (usually tactical), and a long range weapon (pistol or revolver). I sometimes use a SCAR.

  4. I'm watching this while fortnite is downloading the update

  5. lol combat pro stucks. builder pro is dope.

  6. Would FreemyApps work for getting V-bucks?
    Also how do you get V-bucks from App Zone? Do you just play apps?

  7. wood is actually stronger than metal

  8. I didnt like for the tips, I liked because his vid isnt 10 mins long. Who else agrees

  9. Thanks and break the chest

  10. i am a pretty big noob in fortnite so tnx for the tips

  11. this why there was so many campers haha

  12. omg what is that rpg crosshair

  13. my friends were playing with grenades in this game and we accidently blew each other up oof

  14. i like using ar's for some reason (MY CAT IS SCRATCHING ME RN)

  15. This video hasnt aged well

  16. The pros Emote after kill

  17. Lol video did not make it past a minute…so bad lol

  18. sooo … whats that appzone thing ? does it work or just a scam ?

  19. thx for the tips
    i have some Fornite secret tips too..


  21. If you’re a better gun fight player, go to Retail Row and break cars for metal. 20+ each!

  22. When you look for pro told and it shows how to play super passive. 4:20 hiding in bush

  23. You r such a noob and a bush camper top 5 with 1 kill?

  24. I don’t know if I feel comfortable going to a hot spot and satisfying 3 other dudes ????????????

  25. This is the shittiest fortnite vid I've ever seen. This guy is giving tips to play like a 'pro' by sitting in bushes with zero kills to try and get cheap 1 or 2-kill wins. He doesn't even know how to mine materials correctly @6:00 lmao. There are no 'pros' in fortnite, only streamers, all of which actually bother to get good at things like building and getting kills instead of bushcamping and doing nothing for 20 minutes each game.


  27. Add me lets play xladash0x

  28. Thx you so much for the tips I will make sure to use them <3

  29. hey sharky big fan oh and i made it too the bloopers jokes af

  30. Solid beginner tips!!

  31. Extremely noob. Sorry, can’t appreciate vids like this titled: pro tips… there’s nothing pro of these 5 tips you named. People, please take a look at Ninja, and literally see what pro’s do and what pro tips are. Cuz this is just crap and you won’t be playing like a pro, but a nooby.

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