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6 SECRET Command Prompt Tricks!

6 SECRET Command Prompt Tricks! If you want to use command prompt on Windows more efficiently, you should know some CMD tricks. Well, we bring you Top 6 Awesome Secret Command Prompt Tricks and Hacks you should know.

Video Walkthrough and Tricks:

00:18 Change CMD color
00:57 Change prompt text
01:51 Watch Star Wars in ASCII
03:12 Create WiFi Hotspot
04:12 List all installed programs
04:55 Hide Folders

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41 Comments on 6 SECRET Command Prompt Tricks!

  1. How hack Ethernet connected wifi network using #CMD


  3. I’m pissed you suck ????????


  5. Come on this is Lol its shit !!!

  6. its not a secret when almost everyone that uses cmd knows it !!!!

  7. Wow! Secret??! That commands are basic

  8. Thanks but star wars not working and
    List and uninstaled coms not works

  9. the most useful video ever seen

  10. You can also write Colorado 025
    You will able to change the background.
    You can also use another skills also
    Like variation such as 056,09,0a,0b etc but write Color 0

  11. if you want to change the color of cmd just type color w to see the all different colors

  12. Knew All of these
    None of them are secret
    your video sucks
    you want to tell people that you know of tech
    but you look it up on the internet

  13. its not a secret now

  14. Put This on Your CMD (^_^)

  15. am hef not run am hef windows 10

  16. The Last one is not working

  17. and i have one question that if we hotspot what is password plese tell us

  18. pleasepleasepleaseplease tell us that how to download kali lunix free

  19. this is baaaaaaaaaad

  20. Danger Video man…………………….

  21. starwars doesnt work

  22. bro hotspot ki
    You must run this command from a command prompt with administrator privilege.
    antey enti bro

  23. the colour command is not SECRET

  24. If I set up a wifi hotspot will it cost money

  25. where do you get music from?


  27. guys lets "right jump into the video" lol

  28. 9 seconds. Background music and nope, I'm out. Intro music is cool. Maybe it's a cultural difference but for me it's just hard to hear.

  29. sweet hacks bro

  30. Thanks for this helpful video!

  31. Please make a video telling how to edit video professionally for YouTube. Using the software and the techniques you use.

  32. There's another easy way of customizing the command prompt.
    Simply go to its properties and you can customize it to your likings.

  33. i really love you

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