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7 Genius Ways to Get Rid of ANTS!

Stop the ANT INVASION! We’ve put together 7 of the most effective and surprisingly simple methods to control your ant problem. Prevent ants from climbing on a picnic table, how to track them to their source, how to make a home made ant killer and more!

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41 Comments on 7 Genius Ways to Get Rid of ANTS!

  1. I need to get of my bitch big sister how do i dat?

  2. Ants my friends

  3. antscanada Will Not Like This Video

  4. Ok, please understand I was desperate, but we had a horrible infestation of sugar ants and I was in the bathroom, so I grabbed my daughter's hair detangler and sprayed it on them and they died instantly! Who knew? Safe on kids, yet kills ants on contact.

  5. kasey golden-triggered

  6. Is the last way harmful to pets?

  7. I burn them to the floor and burry them alive!

  8. Antman that's funny

  9. It's June, pretty much ant season and I need these so much. Every room in my house there's at least three huge ant carcasses

  10. 1/2 gallon of diesel mixed with oil. Kill any ant hill on the planet.

  11. Flying ants?? Okay this does not help about flying ants!

  12. But ants are not good to kill

  13. ho no las romigas setem pican con las manos y Tenia muy roja???????? pero que cuidado ????????????

  14. We've been suffering with ant
    Now we you like your hacks

  15. Phew! Thank you soo muchhhh!!!!

  16. I used the vinegar thing first, is that okay?

  17. im an antkeeper and this saddens me, i love ants and i keep them as pets

  18. The niggaants I have set their speed to 500. Please help .SnoRKle.

  19. How do you get rid of spiders?

  20. Shoot e'm with a shot gun.

  21. Wash your trash before trowing it .
    I dont even wash my diches

  22. Can you have another pesky problem can you help us get rid of the lousy Democrats allows you politicians like AOC and Bernie Sanders and Nancy pelosi and Chuck Schumer

  23. Just put baby oil in yourself and no ants would touch you.

  24. What is they are in your room

  25. I'm here because i miss my old house, which has a family room, and that I'm currently living in a tiny house without one that the only place I go to eat snacks is my room.

  26. Why do you have to kill ants


  28. When I read the title, I thought it said: “7 WAYS TO GET RID OF ANUS

  29. I really really hate when a and bite me…….

  30. I need to get rid of scorpions plz

  31. I just put food on the ground then the ants gather up and I just slap them

  32. Cinnamon also helps lol

  33. The thins better for muslims is tell at ant say

    This: hi ant why you in my house i won't kill you so don't come to my house plsss i begging you

    After a day that ant will go

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