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7 Tips to Get More Out of OneNote

OneNote is a productivity app from Microsoft. This video will show you some great tips and tricks on how to use Microsoft OneNote. These tips are based on Microsoft OneNote for Windows 10 with Office 365.

I use Camtasia to create my videos:

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37 Comments on 7 Tips to Get More Out of OneNote

  1. Want to save time with Microsoft Outlook? Check this video out. 7 Tips to Get More Out of Outlook

  2. Fantastic Video , Thanks so much !

  3. how to make a calendar in one note that can set reminders and notify you or send and share the meeting schedule appointments to other employees

  4. Even as a student I use it

  5. These do not work with the Mac or Ipad version. That's sad.

  6. In my onenote app I can't see the math tab, anyone know why?

  7. Good video 3rd tip is the best.

  8. Video cam recording option is missing in my one note (only audio recording option is present ). How can I get this feature in free of cost ?

  9. This is indeed helpful. Subscribed!

  10. My 13 year old really could use the math button, but it's not an option when I try. What am I missing?

  11. I did not find the Math function on my OneNote.

  12. How come i can't see so e of these feature in my one note?

  13. Kindly describe more tips on one note

  14. I do not see these functions on my OneNote (Math, REseacher etc) I have convert to Math but not a dropdown to actually do the math … am I missing something ?

  15. Hi! Why dont i have these features on onenote 🙁

  16. where is the link in the description to the link for the send email to one note link you mentioned at the end of the tutorial?

  17. why you dont use a computer (laptop) with a touch screen for you tutorial ?

  18. Great, but I can’t find any of these on my Office 365 subscription or my iPad Office. Would be nice to be able to sue these.

  19. Aww I don’t have these features:(
    I think my OneNote is an old version

  20. Hats off to Microsoft ????

  21. Thank you for this!!

  22. suddenly realizing how incredible onenote is

  23. 0:33 – Math equations

    1:45 – Replay text

    2:45 – Ink to text

    3:20 – Research tools

    4:39 – Immersive reader

    6:01 – Web clipper browser extension

    7:12 – Save emails to OneNote

  24. Didn't know those functions exist.

  25. Hi, Could you please confirm the OneNote version you demonstrated searching "Dog" results online (not just within Notebooks in One Note itself but also websites and journals as well). I am using One Note in Windows 10 and I am not able to search key words online (websites, journals etc.) Currently, I can only search in Notebooks within OneNote device option under Researcher function. I appreciate your help, thank you.


  27. Thanks for this tutorial! Unfortunately I can not find plus sign on my research pane. There is no such a sign , what's a pity… It looks useful when you're using such a feature to insert the stuff directly from WEB.

  28. What is the version of the onenote you use? It seems that my onenote doesn't have such powerful funtions?

  29. Why my onenote doesnt look the same? I use a mac, but its the same with the browser version.

  30. Teacher's Tech
    why i m not getting the Ink to text feature when i m using it in Macbook?

  31. Hi, ruler is removed from Onenote for Windows 10 version right?

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