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9 Common Mistakes New Players Make – FORTNITE Battle Royale | Tips and Tricks

Welcome to 9 common mistakes that new players make in Fortnite Battle Royale!

Learn how to build, shoot, blow things up, and eventually win with these 9 tips and tricks for Fortnite.

Have a great day!


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34 Comments on 9 Common Mistakes New Players Make – FORTNITE Battle Royale | Tips and Tricks

  1. Awesome new video HERE: Top 6 Safe Places to Land for EASY wins

  2. Well I’m pro in ros I’m noob in fortnite

  3. O wins 1567 games now1568

  4. 1000 games and 120 wins????????????????????????????

  5. I've played 26 games and I've won 7,456,643,389,523 of them.

  6. 7,562 games played in total 60 wins

  7. Most common mistake noobs make: Assuming that you can win a game without paying for any stuff in a pay2win game.

  8. I have found a gun which is really close to silence when being fired. So if u fire it at someone who Isn’t plying attention to sound will die.

  9. 0 games.. D; and maybe around 200-500 games played… I just get close but always fail due to reloading or being pushed.. any good tips guys?

  10. your the common mistake

  11. about 1000 solos played and 0 wins

  12. 353245674 plays, 0 kills, 0 wins.
    I guess i'm the best player in the world

  13. Iv been playing for 3 days now still 0 kills i nvr meet a noob by mistake even

  14. Mistake 1. Playing fortnite

  15. Plays- 89928282888882889999999997777

  16. Play lots loss many ????????????????????

  17. i have 10 wins (pc)

  18. 2:19 the guy that was killed
    is where im from

  19. Back then when everyone were noons

  20. 0 wins 300 games played ????

  21. I just started today

  22. Great vid! Really helped me and gave me the umph to ‘calm down and carry on’ thanks dude! Such a relaxed, calm, happy voice lol 🙂

  23. 67895433666 plays
    0 wins

  24. I have 363 wins/solo kills 3,893,duos kills 2,564,sqauds,673

  25. I have played 638 games and have 639 wins.

    Yes. One of my wins was so spectacular, that it counted as two.

  26. The mistake i used to make is killing someone and then getting killed from back by another player while collecting loot of the first one…

  27. 0
    i dont have any wins i want to be a pro sniper can you help me

  28. another one of my favorite youtubers turned 🙁

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