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Active Directory Tutorial for Beginners

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In this video I am going to teach you everything you need to know to get started working with Active Directory!

I create IT courses that help students get hands-on experience and hopefully an IT job.

27 Comments on Active Directory Tutorial for Beginners

  1. Signed-up, created a password, but no e-book in sight. I guess it's a good way to get a bunch of e-mail adresses from people.

  2. Paul I was able to add my email and subscribe for PDF. Also, this tutorial was better than any hands I've came across in my IT training!

  3. Thanks Paul, Appreciate it.

  4. great video, really helped, thank you!

  5. What if the server is down? And not turning ON anymore? What should you do?

  6. Thank you for sharing. But you said this is for beginners, than just started throwing LOTS os tech words just at the beginning. This is NOT for beginners.

  7. I've been working in IT for a few years as an on site technician fixing various issues and creating various solutions for clients. I'm about to interview for a job that will be using AD and this video really shined a light on the subject so hopefully I won't be completely clueless. Thank you very much!

  8. what about fsmo roles?

  9. Very nice explanation! Thanks a ton for the video

  10. Thank you Paul, very well explained! Can we expect more videos on windows servers or AD ??? 🙂

  11. Paul,

    Where is the ebook link?

  12. Loved it! Very good tutorial!

  13. Well done! Thanks a lot !

  14. thank you it nice class

  15. Pretty straight forward and brief important features about AD, thanks!

  16. Great video!!
    Can I please have a copy of the eBook emailed? I registered but the link did not work . Thanks!

  17. I don't exactly know why but I've always had problems with Windows server, you've been a real help! thanks.

  18. It is awesome video actually i increase my knowledge in AD. My question there are another videos. Thank you very much.

  19. Amazing Video!!! So concise and easy to understand. Thanks for taking the time to even make this!! But what happened to the pdf ebook though? I went to your website and gave my email but didn't get the book. Could you let me know if its still available? thanks!!!

  20. Great Content! Many Thanks!

  21. Thank for taking the time at 6AM to record this video for us. It helped a lot as I'm trying to cram before I start a new position in the corporate IT field.

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