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Adding Non-Steam PC Games and Windows 10 Games – LaunchBox Tutorials

Today’s tutorial will cover importing non-steam games into LaunchBox and Big Box.

I go over importing GOG games and games from the Windows App Store.

Importing Steam Games Video –

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21 Comments on Adding Non-Steam PC Games and Windows 10 Games – LaunchBox Tutorials

  1. Is there a way for launch box to automatically load different ipac2 configurations for different pc games? Example: SFV and Injustice have different controls?

  2. Amazing i will be doing this tomorrow thanks for the video pal ????️????️

  3. Since Alt + F4 closes open windows, maybe that's an option to exit PC Games, link it to a hotkey, or is that just wrong ?

  4. just bought the license to bigbox. I fucking love it

  5. des is work!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you for this tutorial 😉

  7. Dont know if you do videos anymore but you have been a huge help Learn about Emulators through a friend and I am hook try other programs but love the launch box and your videos have been a big help thank you

  8. If you just want to use Steam without LaunchBox, get UWPHook. Move it somewhere on your HDD, I suggest the Steam folder, start it, select your game, save, restart Steam. Done, it's in your Library. You can change the Icon within Steam if you dont like what you get 😉 Download: (get Added Forza7 10 min before.

  9. Followed the instructions and I still can't add Forza or Minecraft. I open the created PC GAMES folder in DOCUMENTS and it comes up as "empty". Not sure why because I dragged the shortcuts in there. Any other way to get this done?

  10. LB is a great progam but still has big problem with mass add pc games. Just add options add shortcuts 😉

  11. Do i have to pay for launch box?

  12. Great tutorial. I've been looking for a way to add minecraft for my daughter.

  13. There's a much better way to batch install many games that I discovered last week. First, you create your shortcuts like he shows you. Next, in Launchbox you go import games, pick ROM games, and create a (fake) emulator called Windows. Make the exe be just a blank txt file. Going through the import process, it will grab all the game names from the shortcut name, and search for images and details itself. Then you just batch edit them to remove the emulator so they launch as their own exe. You'll probably have to go behind it and clean up some details, but this is a MUCH faster way to process batch games. at least until the devs build a better Windows import feature.

  14. Thanks! But LB needs to improve drag & drop feature.

  15. Thanks ETA!
    Guessing this will work for Mugen games and FightCade.

  16. This is perfect because I've had Forza Horizon 3 sitting as a shortcut for a while now so being able to add it to LaunchBox is wonderful. Thanks!

  17. Been waiting on windows app support deff buying bigbox now

  18. While this is good for importing a small amount of games what i find easier is just getting all the shortcuts for the games you're wanting to import & then dragging them into LaunchBox, this imports them as an MS-DOS game which can easily be changed, you just select all non MS-DOS games then bulk edit & select the option "Use MS-DOS" & set it to false then change the platform to Windows, i think it's much better when importing a large amount of games because doing it for each one individually would take too much time.

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