Trending Tutorials (Agario) Tips & Trick (All you need to know) How to win

Watch this video and you won’t have to watch any other!

Edit – more tips:
1) If you eat green spikes, you will split and earn its mass (usually 100), then you can eat other spikes for a while without being splitted.
2)If you are splitted, go to the corner and press W, untill you are one big blob (small cells can be sacrificed).
3)To join together fast, place mouse cursor in the middle.
4) Don´t always join immediately when it is possible, sometimes its good to stay splitted: you collect…

18 Comments on (Agario) Tips & Trick (All you need to know) How to win

  1. 0:27 . . . Score is in bottom left corner, not bottom right . . . . . -.-

  2. Highscore: 115k :)

  3. dobry videjko ale vim ze jsi cech tak se nevychvaluj

  4. yo i justed watch i dont know what to say

  5. my friend plays this game for 5 minutes he's number 1 -_- so i thought it would be easy but no I die when I spawn because a damn fat bubble was covering my spawn point I get to top 20 and bump into the green thing blow up and die

  6. Nice video you are very good, thanks for the tips! I have been first 3 times. My highest score is 4500 ;)

  7. plz lern 2 grammer.

  8. where are you from?

  9. omg thx im big now

  10. My highest score was 23300

  11. ok, u were kind of pointing out the obviouse " tutorial for dumbies" please don't take any offense to this, luv ur vids

  12. Well done my friend this is a great tutorial you taught me something new!

  13. Cool bruh lets play together

  14. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many times nearly on the leaderboard but people keep eating me

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