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Amazing Bluetooth Hack!

How far will Bluetooth go? You won’t believe it!
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19 Comments on Amazing Bluetooth Hack!

  1. Don't you think you need to be properly grounded before attempting a hack like this?

  2. and meter rate 10 meter or any

  3. hey this video working to bluetooth reciver

  4. It would totally work for the PS3 controller because it uses bluetooth.

  5. hey how about increasing wifi range

  6. twitter @TonyShadoflite w a #KK-TB, so I'll know. $$$(3)X Brainstorm 4$. U-seem decent & sincere, This'll be a 1st 4me 2extend this #A4-U-tube video! R-rated, cussn Conservative. Take care, Tony B…

  7. If you use a .22 coil you get some pay channels like HBO, Showtime and Playboy

  8. My neighbors are pissed.

  9. I request you to make a video of how to upgrade your Wii to a ps3 or ps4 or Xbox one

  10. could you use an antenna from an old router?

  11. Think I'm going to use a full wave 10' whip antenna, damn, could get into the next county with that one.

  12. A question: Does the transmit/receive time increase the farther you go?

  13. love the stuff u upload keep them coming

  14. Soder? I think he means solder.

  15. +Kip Kedersha will that antenna work to increase a wifi routers range? is there a video?

  16. Think this thing would increase your ability to receive through walls?

    What's the exact name and model of this antenna and where can I get it? Thanks!

  17. Do u know that someone named Russel Rooney is copying this vid 

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