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Android SMS Hack and Brinks CompuSafe Hack – Threat Wire

The mother of all Android vulnerabilities, a safe running Windows XP is unsafe, and ZOMG Drones! All that coming up now on ThreatWire.

Android Text Message Hack: Stagefright

Brink Smart Safe…

15 Comments on Android SMS Hack and Brinks CompuSafe Hack – Threat Wire

  1. So scared. Hope my Android devices doing get Stage fright (vulnerability)

  2. can anyone give me the code for Android hack exploit?

  3. impossible twf

  4. Aren't RF jammers illegal/punishable by major FCC based fines? IIRC that's why movie theaters etc can't install cell jammers to keep the youngin's from SMSing their naughty bits to each other during the midnight showing of Rocky Horror… or something

  5. Did anyone else read the Matthew Muller court filing , in the kidnapping case?  There were some interesting tidbits about criminal use of drones in it.  Really wild story.

  6. 2:402:48
    I swear man I busted out laughing when you said that! lol
    +Darren Kitchen

  7. Time to make a new os for smart phones based also on linux but that don't give any permissions to any apps at all, in other words it should run just like a linux distro, and please lets kill microsoft off and with it will windows will die off. On a side note, when I switched to linux on this computer , I found it to be by far easier than windows in every way and I am still a linux beginner, the ui is so easy to navigate, it is intuitive, highly customizable, and as for the number one complaint of windows fan-boys, the terminal is not hard to learn and use, hell if nothing else you can copy and paste the bash, they are just plain lazy for not wanting to expand their knowledge.

  8. I can think of one worse Android vulnerability in its history. Remember the Android 1.0 vulnerability where anything you typed into the physical keyboard on the G1 while on the home screen would be input straight to an invisible shell? That one was pretty bad.

  9. Android SMS Hack and Brinks CompuSafe Hack – Threat Wire

  10. Hurr durr, drones can never be dangerous. Why would anyone want to defend against them?! What Idiots. /s

  11. Please make more usb rubber duckies

  12. grams? grams? GRAMS? :P

  13. Darren, you DON'T talk about the drone fight club. Rule 1.. Psh.

  14. Great thing about so many things being illegal, someone does or says something that you don't like but is actually legal, you can always arrest them for something else and pretend it has nothing to do with what they said or did legally.

  15. Can u guy teach code 

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