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Army Packing Hack: How to Pack a T-Shirt for Vacation – Ranger Roll, Basic Training

I know people love folding their shirts in 2 seconds. It’s all good fun, but not very useful when you’re packing for a trip and looking for a compact, efficient folding method. Instead try what I’m showing you in this video. This is an easy, fast technique to pack your clothes real tight in whatever bag/backpack/suitcase you’re using. In this video, I go slow and explain things, but with practice you can ranger roll really quickly. Also, check out my newer version of this tutorial where I…

41 Comments on Army Packing Hack: How to Pack a T-Shirt for Vacation – Ranger Roll, Basic Training

  1. Think this video sucks? Check out the new version!

  2. Thankss now I can impress my mum

  3. Better than the watch mojo vids explanation

  4. Airport security though this was something to hold drugs

  5. That shirt looks like it just came out of a Heineken bottle????

  6. I could sure go for a burrito

  7. Any army veterans here? Showing my son how we did it.

  8. Could you theoretically play catch with this?

  9. No new service kiddies will ever know the joys of spending hours and hours of folding and rolling. Looking for microscopic fibers. Getting your stuff so damn perfect that God himself would ask for advice. Only to get it completely f@#!ing destroyed by your sergeants every morning.

  10. Short sweet and to the point. Thank you sir.

  11. After seconds:


  12. I did this today works great threw it at the wall too

  13. Useful, but slow as shit

  14. Wow galing thank you sa pag share po

  15. I just hope the army isn’t suspicious of your top-notch rolling technique… ya know what I’m saying

  16. Does this stretch your shirt?

  17. ???? I’m glad I read the comments,
    I almost left without doing so

  18. Jesus Christ. 40 years old and I’ve only just found out this is a thing!…

  19. Dude needs to learn what an iron is lmao

  20. Tried it out… I'm to stupid fo rthis it just doesn't work XD

  21. You need a paper sticker label to mark every item what it is because it all looks the same????

  22. This could’ve been done in 20 seconds????

  23. That's probably the only tutorial, I watched 3 years ago at 1 a.m. and it now finally came in handy.

  24. Instructions unclear. My Dick is stuck in the wall

  25. Instructors when they see a bulge in literally anything that isn’t supposed to have a bulge: ÒWÓ WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS.

  26. Imagine if companies selling t shirts were to wrap their t shirts this way how much packaging that would save?!

  27. Why am I watching this at 2 am

  28. Better than Marie Kondo's method of folding!

  29. How to roll a 40 inch tv?

  30. It will take the same amount of space no matter what u do. Ffs

  31. Thank You so much this was helpful!

  32. I could've folded 100 shirts by the end of this.

  33. how did he record this video? ????

  34. YouTube’s making sure everyone knows how to do laundry when we go to war with Iran

  35. Now i know how to make shirt burritos

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