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Art Tips – Wacom Pen and Tablet Fixes for Windows 10

If you’re getting the frustrating “touch ring” lag, general cursor lag, loss of pressure sensitivity or other issues related to any Wacom tablets, you might find your answers here!

First off – you can update your Wacom tablet drivers here –

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16 Comments on Art Tips – Wacom Pen and Tablet Fixes for Windows 10

  1. Thank you very much for uploading it! I've been frustrated for more than a week with my tablet.
    But i still have a problem with the sensitivity. I may draw for a while and suddenly my pen decides to draw without pressure.
    I tried to go back to pen and touch settings but they are gone!!! And last but not least the tablet doesn't fully recognize the eraser :S

  2. For me, the most annoying thing is the little "tag", that says Alt, Ctrl, Shift under the cursor every time, I press these keys, that drives me crazy. How can I turn it off under Photoshop?? I want to refresh to Win 10, but it does on these version, and on Win 8.1 also. on Win 7 not.
    Can anyone pleeeaaaase a solution???

  3. Holy moly, thank you so much for this.

  4. I'm sorry but after the "fix" I still don't have pressure control on my tablet.
    I have the issue only if any Modern application is running, e.g. Calculator or Edge.

  5. Famous for being late everyhing thank you very much.

  6. Ok, ok ok do my problem isn't quite this and I'm not finding a good way to solve it at all. I don't have a disc or anything for my Wacom tablet, I just plug it in and it's usable. When I updated to Windows 10, my cursor shakes HORRIBLY and I went ahead and downloaded the Wacom driver for Windows 10 but it didn't do a thing. I'm so lost, what do I do now?

  7. Thank you so much!!

  8. Thank you so much, you are a hero.

  9. Thank you!! It was driving me nuts!!! It works fine now!! Yessss!! I was getting frustrated last night!!

  10. It's good, but you still have those annoying boxes that say "Alt" every time you hit the alt key

  11. You have the same problem I have and the same fixes that don't work for me don't work for you. However the fix that did work for you doesn't for me.

    Fresh installed drivers, photoshop and windows here.
    CC works fine as it doesn't have windows Ink but 2014 and 2015 don't. And they're the ones with touch that I actually use these days.

    My desktop I'm stuck with 10 as I deleted the old windows folder but on my Companion reverting back to 8.1 solved my issue.

    I still want to upgrade to 10 though and I also would like a working desktop tablet setup. I guess I'll keep looking. I really appreciate the video though.
    Happy painting!

  12. IMPORTANT! – when entering these settings, you might find that the right click function on your Wacom pen stops working. 

    To fix this – go into "pen and touch" settings, on the "pen options" tab, make sure the box "use the pen button as a right-click equivalent" is CHECKED.

  13. usually with new software updates i tend to wait few weeks or 2 months before other software apps start to release their updates. 
    I've been having issues painting rocks….. could you do series on rock and mountain paintings? thank you

  14. Thanks for the tip!
    My personal policy with any new software is still to wait at least 2 or 3 months before getting it, most of the issues will be corrected by than but this problem could very well still be the case when I switch over to 10, so good to know a fix for it. :)

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