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Automatic Repair Loop Fix Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Here, quick fixes for Windows Automatic Repair loop issue in Windows 10/8.1/8 are offered. Try them one by one when Windows Automatic Repair failed and stuck on a black screen with error message ‘Preparing Automatic Repair’ or ‘Automatic repair couldn’t repair your PC’.

Automatic Repair is a feature designed to help you fix some PC issues in Windows. But sometimes, it might fail to work and stuck in a startup repair loop in Windows 10/8.1/8 due to certain reasons. According to users, there…

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  2. Mine says "Not enough memory resources are avaible to process this command" does anyone know what to do? : (


  4. nvm i found out what to do

  5. PLZ HELP i did everything you said but then after the copy . backup part it only showed up with BBI

  6. What should I type for d file in place of * in ????D:>*d windowssystem32config

  7. HI this video was so helpful thank you so much

  8. Thank you thankyou thank you

  9. Thanks… 🙂 it work????????????????????

  10. I subscribed so should you this guy is a genius

  11. Thank you so much bro you are such a good help may god bless you thank you so much you don’t know I happy I am right now

  12. Really really thanks

  13. I did everything you said qnd theres blqck screen for me i cqn only see my mouse

  14. You used to have 57,089 subs. Now you you have 57,090. Who was that other sub?

  15. Holy sweet sweet Lord! It worked! I can't thanks you enough! Sincerely, if I'm so happy I could cry tears of joy. Thank you and please have a wonderful day. You are loved! =)

  16. Ahhh, I wanted this to work but it instead took me to a SMART Hard Disk Error screen… does anyone have advice?

  17. Thanks dude, i subscribe !

  18. Thanks bro was able to help me

  19. Is it bad if this happens again? Should I get my PC checked

  20. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!! it works

  21. Thank you sooooooo much. You just save me.????????????

  22. This trick is not working in my Hp laptop

  23. I appreciated your help, my dad was gonna fix in the store which can cost $200 so i tried so many things and nothing works except your hardworking video helped me i was so happy my laptop could be back. one more thing.

  24. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

  25. When I typed in dir it said my system couldn't do it. Should I just wipe it?

  26. You were so helpful

  27. When i do the dir after CD regback no files show up

  28. We won't lose any files right???I have my projects that I want to recover and no backup

  29. After the config bit it says my file or directory is corrupted, what does this mean ?

  30. Fucking genius! It worked! Thanks so much!

  31. I faced two problems, when I got to the stage where I should type "MD backup" it says " A subdirectory or file backup already exists" so i tried backup1,2,,, and now it says the same thing and then asks "overwrite backup/ BBI? (yes/no/all): " what should i Do?

  32. Help it says the system cannot find the path specified

  33. THANK U SO MUCH SIR 😀 I appreciate ur content this helped me so much idk how much I can say thank you

  34. Thank you so much, nothing else was working. if i had found your video first it would have saved me several wasted hours………
    Stress levels returning to normal now
    Thanks again 🙂

  35. Thanks man and this really worked and saved me time fixing my daughter's laptop. If I understand correctly, the current registry files were corrupted which is why you overwrite the current registry with the registry backup files from RegBack. Good job man and thanks.

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