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Awesome easy windows iTunes Hacks (adjust play/skip count & next track from anywhere)

how to
1 adjust play/skip count (iTunes doesn’t let you do this normally)
2 skip from anywhere GUILT FREEEEE
no skills needed I already did the heavy lifting

Below are the two text files that you paste into a notepad then change extension to .js (from .txt)

/* File 1
Author: Brock
adjust play/skip count (iTunes doesn’t let you do this normally)
20110430 */

var ITTrackKindFile = 1;
var objApp = WScript.CreateObject(“iTunes.Application”);
var tracks = objApp.SelectedTracks;

14 Comments on Awesome easy windows iTunes Hacks (adjust play/skip count & next track from anywhere)

  1. Super cool – I have several smart playlists that trigger off of play count and skip count so this is super helpful.

  2. why is itunes such a colossal sack of shit? I swear to god it designed to infuriate it's users, why the fuck does changing a song in itunes now counted as skipped? That's not a skip thats me changing tracks. way to fuck over smartplaylist data itunes.

  3. remove item from itunes library, change the date on your computer to the date you wish and then re add the item into your itunes library

  4. Is it possible to change the addition date to the library?

  5. You, LedgerLines! You rule. Thank you very much for this. I have a very intricate smart playlist system that depends on accurate play and skip counts. Every once in a while, if there is an error syncing, iTunes will double count the most recent skip or play, practically ruining the entire system I created. This was a lifesaver. Thanks again!

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  8. @phivegz Actually that's fairly easy since you can export everything as a .csv in iTunes. I made a script for that too (uses a loop) I just never uploaded a vid for it.

  9. @LAB422 I've tested this on Windows 7 starter, Vista home premium 64-bit and most versions of Windows XP. Two things that might help 1. You might have to change the firewall settings to be more lenient with windows 7 since these text files are changing an external program 2. Make sure JavaScript is installed on your computer (it should be on all computers). If this didn't help hopefully someone else might trip across this and answer it 🙂

  10. I was trying it but after i changed the file extenstion from .txt to .js it didn't say javascript. under type it just says js file. what am I doing wrong? I am using windows 7 if that matters. very cool code by the way

  11. @darkchrz Glad to hear, I'll be uploading more soon. I actually have combined it with Excel, but YouTube can't handle that level of awesome yet.

  12. I used this thanks a lot for the script

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