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Basic hacking tricks

Ok yes this isnt hacking but its the very basic stuff you need to know if you want to progress on… i shall add a new video soon on more advance stuff (17/10/2011)

Please email us if you want to know something such as a trick… contact page should do it xx 😀

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20 Comments on Basic hacking tricks

  1. Lmfao this video is jokes …..

  2. ok i wont but we can chat and i will share

  3. 4:00 for the changing a computers password 😀

  4. dude i did the password but it doesn't let me, what did you put in the beginning ?

  5. I dont use software I do it the old fashioned way … brain power ! thats why I cant tell you how to do it because It would be specific to email client sorry!

  6. I can help you but I am not going to im sorry! I could only do it my self and what you want done is illegal regardless of the fact it might be your account… but it is very easy to crack emails VERY easy shouldnt take you long if you find the right way 😉 sorry thats all i can say

  7. yahoo ? been there done that… lets be honest now if you are the owner of the account then you would have a way in even if you forgot… trust me I know all about yahoo email security.. so you are saying to me all your information about who you are and your back up email and your secret answer you have forgotten ?

  8. How To Hack Nokia 3110

  9. @NNGaming Big websites have many IPs.

  10. Then click on start and there will be a bar where you can write in, in there you write cmd and it will show you a little picture… double click and you have the same window open as in the video ^^ I hope it helps. =)

  11. I was banned from a discussion site and I would like to find out how to hack it.

  12. can it be that the IP adress has been changed because i get:

    that is a other ip adress than the one you got. So.. can it be that they changed their IP ?

  13. If you dont have run, or cant find the CMD, open a wordpad and put the following:
    @echo off
    @echo on

    And save it as anything you like but at the end before you click save put .BAT at the end, then open it was there is CMD.
    Hope it helped. =]

  14. seriously htou any one wants any help with anything there is a contact form on my website email me your issue and me or my co admin will try and help you… we have very intresting stuff now have a look you'll enjoy it

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