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Basic tmux Tutorial – Windows, Panes, and Sessions over SSH

How to manage your remote terminal sessions with tmux. If you keep lots of terminal windows open or use a tiling window manager such as i3, you’ll love tmux for doing the same thing on a remote machine. This video covers the basics of using tmux.

A quick cheatsheet (partially inspired by ):

# session management
tmux ls (or tmux list-sessions)
tmux new -s session-name
Ctrl-b d Detach from session
tmux attach -t [session name]
tmux kill-session -t…

35 Comments on Basic tmux Tutorial – Windows, Panes, and Sessions over SSH

  1. thanx man i looking for a days to find a tutorial like yours now a learn to use tmux beter for terminator

  2. TL, you didn't say how to close a Window pane. I didn't see it in the list of commands either.

  3. Awesome quick demo of the most useful features! thank you!

  4. It seems the cheatsheet link no longer works. I know there are quite a few out there, but I'd love to see what the video creator had in mind. Thanks!

  5. You can use screen on ssh as aulernitive to teamax

  6. reality is relative ( qantum reality ) 0ne = mostlikly more than 8 + 8 = pffffft

  7. For some reason I do not see the list of commands. Could you post them to the comment? Thanks, nice Vid.

  8. Ctrl-b % (Split the window vertically)
    // after that … move divider lines -> Ctrl-b-left Ctrl–b-right
    Ctrl-b " (Split window horizontally) // after that … move divider lines -> Ctrl-b-up Ctrl-b-down

  9. thanks mate for sharing nice video, one quick question whats the tool/addon which you have at the bottom of your terminal which shows the IP address, battery etc? is it i3status?

  10. had to watch it in 1.5x speed, I was triggered XD

  11. thank you for that quick demonstration useful tool

  12. Thanks for tutorial it made using this so much easier!!!

  13. "Because I'm a slave to trends and care only about the approval of others, I use tmux." lolz

  14. I could finally go home in time without babysitting my local device haha! great tutorial 🙂

  15. for some of what you describe via ssh, you can fire and forget a command just fine using only nohup

  16. These are few tips which deserved a bit of more attention:
    Ctrl + b Arrow up down left right to switch pane.
    Hold Ctrl + b and arrow up-down-left-right to resize window panes.

    Here is a nice how-to: with more detailed explanation.

  17. I couldn't even make it to the end of the video before I had to make this comment to you…

    You are the best ever! EvER EVER EVER!! This video (videos I'm sure) is the single, best-video-ever-made! I don't know where you came from man but you're the best ever cause you tell us just exactly what we want to know and in a way that your viewers leave knowing how to do things. I don't learn from any just way things are presented but you really deliver.

    I hope you never stop sharing with us man. Thanks a whole bunch.

    You have a good one now..

  18. Super-super handy, can't believe I've not used tmux!

  19. How to kill the split?

  20. how to activate upper pane?

  21. I see this video is from 2014 and things may have change since then. Although, this is by far, the best video I've seen on the subject. I'm doing some crypto mining on a Raspberry Pi B+. I go in via SSH and start my miner running. I want it to go 24/7. Sporadic mining is not effective, So, the tmux command would be a godsend for me. I do have a problem with it though, and I"m sure it's something I'm not understanding. I run tmux, start my miner and attempt to disconnect with CTRL B D. Nothing happens. It just sits there mining away in the tmux window, never going back to the SSH (Puttuy) screen. What am I doing wrong??? Thanks!!

  22. This is super helpful in understanding the value of tmux. Thank you man!

  23. tmux comes already installed on FreeNAS, which is awesome.

  24. Really dig the videos mate. Much appreciated.

  25. screen is much better than tmux, yes screen is old but it is rock solid, I would prefer screen for production environments

  26. Hi there. So I'm going to be the complete noob of the comment section. I've been going through the course with no knowledge in Linux at all and having no idea what I'm doing. So please bear with me. Right off the bat, at the beginning of the video, is where I got stuck. Where does that remote server come from? Do I set one up? Or am I supposed to connect to the one in the video? (when I tried to ssh into it, there's no response and it just hangs) Once again, I admit that I am the noob, so please bear with me. Any advice/clarifications/responses are much appreciated. Thanks.

  27. Awesome video, love this.

  28. My ctrl-b thing isn't working keeps saying command not found

  29. oh wow cool video, thanks 🙂 i was struggling with nohup, but this looks like 100 times better

  30. Fantastic, this is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks for the vid.

  31. Thank you for the good intro!

    I found the man page for tmux unlike most other man pages very clear and readable. It also has a complete list of key bindings. And here is a small trick I learned somewhere that allows you get the man page for any topic into a nice PDF file:

    man -t tmux | ps2pdf – ~/tmux.pdf

    The above converts tmux man page to postscript format and then feeds that to ps2pdf to convert the ps to pdf and save it in the home directory of the user under tmux.pdf name.

  32. can i use this to merge two open windows together in one window with two panes, say i merge one adobe reader window and a word window or am i completely at the wrong place?

  33. It is indeed revolutionary. Before discovering tmux, I was like I had no idea how to keep my GridSearch running for hours and hours. Tmux saved my life ????. Seriously, one of the best tools ever made.

    Thanks for this brief and rapid introduction to tmux! And thanks for providing a cheatsheet.

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