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Basics to Sketchbook Pro 6 for Beginners Tutorial

Welcome to this tutorial for beginners! You will be learning all the fundamentals on using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6. By the end on this instructional tutorial… you should be familiar in using the software to create your artwork.

SHORTCUT KEYS for Sketchbook Pro 6

Rotate Canvas: first got to EDIT-PREFERENCES- and enable Canvas Rotate. (Press the numbers 9 and 0) on Older versions……

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23 Comments on Basics to Sketchbook Pro 6 for Beginners Tutorial

  1. thx for the intro , its magic .

  2. Quick question- when I use the select tool and hover over my selected area, I don't get the wheel thing that lets me resize, tilt, etc. Is that something that is only in the pro veraion and not the free version?

  3. Thank You so much. I have watched a ton of Autodesk Sketchbook tutorials none of which have made a lick of sense. This was simple, clear and useful. The whole layer and coloring thing just became clear as glass.  Why do people make simple things so complicated. Thank You again. I am definitely going to check you out.

  4. how can i copy and paste a drawing?

  5. Incredible, thank you

  6. This already patched if you have a problem need a rule for firewall.My working software on this link

  7. can sketchbook do professional level
    pencil charcoal drawings or digital color art?

  8. I have a question.? I have a old mac book and I can't seem to find my color thing.? Or the tear shaped thing that let's me change the colors of my pens I don't know how to find it do you know how to get it again.?

  9. how do i use the zoom?

  10. can you invert picture in sketchbook?

  11. Super. The only worthwhile tutorial for sketchbook i found so far. Thanks!

  12. How do I color a section in without having to worry about going past my line. Even if I have separate layers, it does not stop at the line art

  13. You are so cool!!! Thanks ,Man!

  14. am late i know … but what is his sittings 😀 ?

  15. Love this tutorial, you broke things down perfectly for a new user. Thanks!

  16. Hi thank you for this tutorial ???? is there a way to save our work to finish it later ? When I open the app on my computer it automatically open a new page :'s when I had it on my phone there was a storage and I could work again on previous drawings ^^'

  17. Hi Paris, miss your videos!!! would love to see an overview video on the latest sketchbook ; it's new features and all, since they made it free for everyone now.

  18. Do you make this app

  19. Thanks you soo much

  20. Do basic tuto for mobile devices please

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