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Beating Comcast and Cable Fees with the HD HomeRun Prime – Windows Media Center, and Xbox 360

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I woke up the other day to find that all of the cable channels previously viewable on my television were now scrambled and encrypted. To solve the problem and view the channels I was paying for would cost at least an additional $20-30 a month!

Enter the HD Homerun Prime — it’s a little box that works with a CableCARD and provides a roll-your-own solution without the need for…

19 Comments on Beating Comcast and Cable Fees with the HD HomeRun Prime – Windows Media Center, and Xbox 360

  1. can i watch live tv only with home run and my smarttv? ty

  2. with a smart tv will the home run prime will it work

  3. Comcast charges me $14.99 for my Arris modem every month. I've paid that for over 4 years. I just found Arris modems on eBay going for $35.00 w/free shipping. So basically I've been getting ripped off over 4 years now renting a modem?!?!?!!!!!

  4. Will it work on ps3

  5. Microsoft abandoned media center on windows 10 and are now screwing with the EPG data on my windows 7. A$$holes

  6. lon geniatech has a device called net tv tha does the same thing as hdhomerun.yuo can look in charbax video.i am wandering the price and spec on this devices,but the peoples from geniatech its pretty hard to get on touch with them and get their devices its possible from you to get in touch with them and try to get some information about Net TV.
    GOOD JOB in yours review.

  7. i love the retro shelf you have set up in the back there!

  8. The thing about HBO only working with approved devices is probably to help control piracy.  It would be that way to help prevent someone from somehow copying the movie as it plays.  Of course DVDs will make it harder because lots of people copy them (although they really should not).

  9. Cromecast through Google $35.00 was my way around Windows Media Player. 

  10. I don't know about all this crap. Just hook up the computer to a big screen TV and download torrents. I honestly tried to watch things "legally" on websites such as HBO and AMC, but many of those sites would not let me watch the shows (even with commercials) unless I also had a cable TV subscription. So instead of doing things the "legal" way, I said fck that and started downloading torrents. I really want to give the copyright owners of the material I enjoy watching some credit by watching their commercials, but I refuse to pay for both a TV and an internet subscription when they both come down the same pipe. Only in the USA is this crap allowed.

  11. android tv boxes use kodi which run hdhomerun

  12. Beaing Comcast? I wished you got upset enough to cut the cord entirely, that would've been the story.

  13. eh sounds ok, but i got a 2 year with comcast and with taxes is like 113 a month, most of that is internet and get HBO. but kudos for trying

  14. exorbitant 5 dollar fee?

  15. Does comcast charge for a cablecard? what if I already have a DVR from them?

  16. Man, this is stupid. I was told by Directv that i have to pay $25 a month to have HD service regardless if i have a cable box or a card.

  17. Anyone having issues with stuttering recordings through XBox360,WindowsMediaCenter Extender, HD Homerun prime setup?   It seems like when I'm watching a recorded show or live tv and another show is being recorded the playback of the show is very choppy to the point of being unwatchable.  I also get alot of Video Errors while watching through my xbox.    I have a PC I'm connected to via ethernet.   My family is on the verge of buy Xfinity, but I don't want to give Comcast any more money than they deserve.

    Also HD channels don't even play…they get stuck so bad, completely unwatchable. Can't tell if it is a software issue, hardware issue.

  18. have you tried using it with xbmc? your can run it off a rasberryPi with xbmc instlled cheaper than putting a bunch of xbox's to each tv Pi is only about $30

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