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Beginner’s Introduction to Windows 10.

This is NOT a video for seasoned Windows users or trolls… this is for your mom, your grandpop, or another light user who has been forced to use Windows 10 via an upgrade or a new PC. It’s not bad or hard, it’s just a little different. We bounce around a bit and find Solitaire, Internet Explorer, the Control Panel, and explore Stardock’s Start10 menu.

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  2. Would it be possible for you to explain how to recenter a page which ended up offset to the left after a recent update. It has shifted 1/4" to the left resulting in a gap on the right hand side of the monitor and the left side has shifted to the left to the point where the return arrow is hidden. I can catch the edge of the page on the right and move it left but cannot move it all the way to the right.

  3. if i sending data(videos & songs) android to laptop(windows10) video name and songs names automatically altered, i dont know why? plz tell me any solution..

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  5. I love the operating system even I can run it

  6. Windows 7 baby!!! I'll never leave!!!

  7. Thanks for a nice video, and for the ebullient personality that came with it.

  8. Hi teacher! Did you ever teach ? Listen to your video as a student who was using all life a Mac computer . Disaster !!!! Sorry to tell you that . Your video is for me not usable. Stop making videos about computers try something different for example drones how to fly a drone in the living room.

  9. I cannot find any tutorial that can help me. Every video shows a windows that is already set up. I spent a lot of money on this. SUCKS

  10. Could you be more smug?….
    You begin by insinuating that we MUST be familiar with a recent windows version and/or we are stupid for not understanding a system that is in no way intuitive. I'm already wishing that I had paid twice the price for another mac……

  11. Thanks for the video. Chock full of information!

  12. windows 10 actually sucks here is why
    1. there is no stop button for windows updates
    2. cortana doesn't work without internet
    3. also cortana is useless
    4. the settings blue screen is annoying and unnecessary
    5. very laggy for low specs pc

  13. dat was de paaskoe,die moest even neer.

  14. Nicely done will take your advice on Thanks

  15. I have a HPpavillion23

  16. Hi I have a all in one computer and I wanted to upgrade my video card but it has to be a external video card could u do a video on the best external video card for gaming at a range of about 100.00 or less for a 😛 pavilion it's what I have Windows 10 's.

  17. If you have not had it yet,get it here:
    Microsoft Office professional 2016 (link bellow) ,
    Windows 8.1 System Builder OEM 64-Bit(link bellow)

  18. Fuck you Bill Gates! You've fucked up big time with Windows 10 this time. Just got my new laptop and after about a week of forced windows update, my headphone jack stopped working. I was only able to listen using the laptop's tiny speakers. I searched for hours to fix the problem but it was hopeless. In the end I was force to restore my computer to a few days earlier. This worked. But for how long, since this fucked up Windows 10 is going to force me to update again and the headphone jack is not going to work again. FUCK YOU BILL GATES. YOU DON'T GIVE PEOPLE CHOICES TO CHOOSE WHAT UPDATES THEY WANT TO INSTALL. FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm switching to MAC next time. I bet I'm not the only one who hates your Windows 10 to death.

  19. I'm told Window 10 not safe to use because Internet company can see you whilst you're using window 10 by live video camera

  20. Useful video. Since it's aimed at the mom, grandpa audience, didn't really need the gratuitous snipes at Apple – a bit of self-indulgence that wasn't useful to the target audience. But other than that, nice job!

  21. 7-8 minutes later ……… still bla bla didnt help much I go to another video if you dont mind.

  22. Still virus-prone? That's the one reason I hesitate to go back to a PC. Also, does that search bar at the bottom of the screen scour your entire hard drive, so if I type in a name of a file it'll find the file?

  23. Thanks very helpful! I've just gone from Vista to 10 and was getting very irritated with it!

  24. I am just learning computers, this is my 2 year not in a coma sleep and boy has things changed in 16yrs. Was never much into computers other than at work on IOS systems. Everything is computers and I'm 53yrs old and teaching myself through YouTube. I know some what of the basics but I need to learn how to use folders and organize them. Also I'm using up alot of computer space by learning computer graphics and downloading pictures. How do I save on space? I have a Notebook 13 with 1TB but not sure where all the storage is. Can you recommend a video for this? Thank you I enjoy your video"s Especially because I can Understand you. You are always clear and No problem understanding you. Unlike with Gimp everyone seems to be out of the US. Have you considered doing a Gimp tutorial video for beginners? Thank you again. Oh and I am learning on windows 10 but I need computer basics that show me how to file and use my pc properly instead of this hit and hope it works.

  25. Windows 10 is ridiculous..

  26. Great video Thanks

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