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BEST Notepad Tricks & Hacks + Codes [Part 2] [DoubleD]

Notepad is a simple program for reading and writing txt files, but there’s something else you can do with it. You can mess around with commands like in MS DOS back in the day. Here are some of the best notepad tricks and hacks. 🙂


Part 1:

1. Make your PC faster
2. Exact time and date
3. Format Hard Disk Drive

1. Shutdown…

20 Comments on BEST Notepad Tricks & Hacks + Codes [Part 2] [DoubleD]

  1. deletes system 32 on a school computer

  2. and by the way it doesnt crash the computer it deletes critical boot files that you need to boot up m8. system32 is in windows folder and many more critical folders and programs

  3. i deleted a windows file once but it was on my most hated colleague in the class.
    the computer teacher didnt think i was that intelligent and didnt block cmd or notepad xD

  4. the song make me fell bad

  5. u not need @echo off u can with @echo
    only and u can C:/WINDOWS/system32 not C://WINDOWS

  6. For notepad virus
    del C:/WINDOWS/system32
    That's delete full windows ! not start him upload on example : mediafire . c o m
    and give to enemy to open this and he was not have windows ^_^ he need to format pc 🙂

  7. all you need to do to get it working again is unplug your cpu load your pc
    it will crash then put your cpu back in

  8. do you have a hack for virus?

  9. ok y the hell would u have a dangerouse virous that u can easly open up saved on ur destop???like when ur little bro or litle sis gets on ur computer without asking u they might click on the "do not open!!"file because they might think its a joke and to see if its just really something funny and the whole computer brakes down…then wat will you do???just buy another computer for like 180 or just go on ebay and buy a jacked up one for like 50 bucks??

  10. dude i dna how to subscribe or tht ish<<< what i do know is you helpd me to format my teachers pc and get me 98.5 % for my I.T exam, ps the video makes up for the spelling!!

  11. im doing that my present to them:D

  12. ladies and gentlemen… i am about to send someone a virus, and completely kill their computer

  13. i tried the very dangerous 1 on win7, it worked, fucked up my computer, and then i was happy the .bat didnt start in safemode so i could DELETE IT!

  14. @YouDucks32 Okay, thx btw i'll try it on my School computers xD

  15. Just a question if we disable the mouse how can we able it again?

  16. nice! check my video too watch?v=DwCfE-smIUk

    also check my channel for hacking videos!

  17. hahaha oke, nice videos btw!

  18. does is really delete everything?

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