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Big farm: how to get golds without any cheat and hacking tools

how to get golds without any cheat code and hacking tools
100% working trick

24 Comments on Big farm: how to get golds without any cheat and hacking tools

  1. No point playing at all if you have to stop playing for 8 days just to get 300 gold, as it buys very little in the game anyway. You can get several thousand gold for just a few dollars so why mess around for 300.

  2. What about 1 year of no big farm, gonna test that

  3. My game don't look like that or have to sign in why is that

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  5. this really works , get free Dollar and Gold Here
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  7. yo u suck at making videos boi.

  8. Very chujowy poradnik my friend, why you don't tell anything. Report, but Subskrajber and Likje

  9. The Vid Was Good!
    Why Didn't You Talk If You Had Your Mic On?

  10. there you sell egg on shop there was a fat man with blue pant and green shirt my game there was money icon to collect but under there was question mark on his reward how to collect

  11. I want free dolars and gold, i cant pay for it, can you help me?

  12. why ure level is so low? lol????????

  13. so on or just once??

  14. BTW if you play portable version (tablet, Ipad, phone, etc) you might wanna read this when the app comes out.
    1. To recieve more daily rewards and unlimited gold get the APP and turn WiFi off.
    2. Next go on clock, time, the app that handles time on your device.
    3. change it to the next day (with WiFi off the game will think that it IS the next day and give you your reward).
    4. Keep changing to the next day until you're satisfied with your amount of cash.
    Any questions?

    Do this with any app that offers daily rewards and Enjoy!

  15. really works man woow…

  16. it works very well thenks bro

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  18. sziasztok nálam nem indul a játék és nem tudom hogy miért

  19. i have subscribed

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