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Biggest CHANGES In Windows 10 For Gamers

Windows 10 is here – what does it mean for everyone who loves playing video games? Gameranx is here for you! Let us know what you think of Windows 10 so far.

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20 Comments on Biggest CHANGES In Windows 10 For Gamers

  1. Also Window's store looking for you pirated software… that ain't weird since they already look at what we do more often than the NSA.

  2. It cant stretch 4:3 fullscreen mode . So fuck you windows 10.

  3. yeah and windows 10 gives league of legends more lagg

  4. I'm avoiding the new apps like the plague. so far everything new in windows 10 that's related to apps in any way just stops working randomly all the time. which is both hilarious and is evidence of huge fucking incompetence. I wont be using apps but it freezes the bloody start menu and fucks up explorer.exe which is super annoying. It feels great to have to restart my computer all the time cause of a bunch of useless shit windows forces me to use and i don't even want.

  5. Windows 10 is garbage…….and so was vista

  6. Ah, see, the NO MODS thing absolutely kills it for me. That is one of THE major reasons I play games on my PC. If mods weren't available, I would find my PC unneeded for gaming as I have my consoles. I don't care to much about higher FPS and resolution as long as I can play the game. But Mods breathe new life into a game, giving me reason to continue going back to it.

  7. Um…I haven't had a problem with Mods.

  8. Great video you've earned yourself a subscriber

  9. Comparing win10 to 8.1 PCgamingwise? I was sure you guys know what you're doing… Hint- windows 7!!!!

  10. dont blame me… i sharted when i saw that computer…

  11. can i run games which i downloaded from torrent??

  12. 1:43
    That dog has some huge nuts.

  13. so will I be able to play my xbox one games on pc now??

  14. Gamer or not, ive liked windows 10 quite a lot, for a lot of reasons

  15. Windows 10 is spyware junk, please don't do it people.

  16. So… I have KSP on Steam. Will I not be able to access the local files (the KSP main directory and all of its subfolders) or will that be okay?

  17. Getting a new master race computer within a month. I mod a lot on my current pc and still really enjoy the windows 7 design. I despise windows 8 as my friends have gotten it and went back to 7 anyway. Should I get a windows 10 operating system for my new pc or continue on with windows 7?

  18. Wait, so i cant mod gta v if i have windows 10? this is a genuine question

  19. Widnows 10 sucks. It fucked up my computer. I tried to do the official downgrade from 10 to 7 and now I´m sitting on a computer, which doesn´t accept the product ID anymore. Thanks Microsoft for nothing. They got even a shitty support and NOTHING is working. No solution was helpful.

    Oh by the way, Microsoft canceled the copy protection in Windows 10, so it is no more possible to play games between 2003-08 because they use this kind of copy protection, and MS don´t want to add it back. Nice job Microsoft, kiss my ass.

  20. windows 10 is NOT porn friendly -_-

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