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Can This Phone Replace Your PC?

Is the iPhone 7 Plus Worth It?
HP Elite x3:
With Windows 10 can the smartphone tech in the new HP Elite X3 Windows Phone replace your computer?


43 Comments on Can This Phone Replace Your PC?

  1. Aye he knows fallout

  2. It is a phone, it is not a phone, it is both. (quantum mechanics refrence)

  3. the fuckkk.. of course cannot…


  5. ew your hair btw 2018?

  6. FALLOUT 76 ????????????????

  7. Did anyone else notice that he changed shirts at 2:11?

  8. Nintendo switch 0.5

  9. takes out keyboard
    takes out mouse
    takes out phone

  10. Could that dock work with the Nintendo switch

  11. this is the nintendo switch

  12. 0:07 Queue the Vsauce music

  13. Cool stuff! What if dock it self would had additional hardware to support phone to take more heavy tasks? In my opinion this type of phone is for high productive people who want to have one device to do all stuff. And I don't mean gaming, but business. Presentation, text editing, web browsing, writing and so…

  14. So the Nintendo switch?

  15. 4:00

    Austin: “Don’t judge me”

    Me: Judges

  16. windows phones suck yet windows is awesome

  17. 2:11 see he changed is cloths actually 1 day later after he figured out how to use it. Lol ???? ???? ????

  18. No. That’s the answer, a windows phone can’t replace your pc.

  19. can you download rar files and what not?

  20. What is that keyboard on the thumbnail?

  21. The concept is kinda like Samsung DeX and the dock for the ROG phone

  22. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. Can I do coding on it

  24. Nintendo Switch Windows Edition

  25. But can it play Fortnite?

  26. Can it play gta 5

  27. sialor cdlakj coure
    wwejlao ss biiltr

  28. no because the computer im typing on cost me less at £150 from my local computer shop with windows 10 and can run gta vice city at 60fps YouTube videos at 1080p as my monitor isn't 4k BOOMED YOU Austin evans

  29. I thought new windows 10 run full Windows 10 so you just plug them to screen and have windows 10. Is that true ?

  30. Since it's dead…. what is Microsoft going to do? Are their PC's going to introduce another form factor factor?

    I know it seems counter-intuitive, but if they had a whole division for Windows phone that was separate (Windows R for example), why not their PC division just have the phone as an offshoot? They already have their atom processor (and though it sucks) it's in a few laptops and tablets.

    Their smallest Core CPU is at 2.5 watts, and considering their 8th generation (and AMD's) consume Far less wattage now (think of the NUC and quad's that sip 15 and 20 watts), and can be throttled, why not try their hand at what Google tried to do with ARA?

    I could be wrong, but I thought Microsoft introduced software to translate the x86 code to ARM's code (Qualcomm running full windows somewhere…)

  31. 한글자막 감사합니다

  32. but can it run minecraft ?

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