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10 Comments on Change Windows 10 Login Screen Background

  1. Dont do it! Since I did this my whole laptop started chashing! dont mess with windows 10

  2. how did you do that to your cursor? Does anyone know where and how to get that?? It looks cool.

  3. i just followed the steps on my surface pro 3, and it crashed it completely!
    the screen keep flashing, i tried following the steps indicated in the comments to fix it but nothing is working …. HELP

  4. I did this and my login screen started doing weird things like flickering and I was unable to do anything, luckily there is a fix for it which is located on
    Might be an idea for you to also make a tutorial on this for people who might experience the same issue and don't quite understand this.

  5. Thank you very much!

  6. Can you make a video on how to shuffle slide show background wallpapers in windows 10 it was one of my favourite features of windows 8 it seems to be gone in windows 10

  7. Thanks i had this on window 7 and know that i upgrade it i was trying to look for a new software

  8. There is a easy way to do it without download by going to settings 

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