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Clean Up Windows 10 | 3 Steps For A Faster Computer

In this video, we will clean up Windows 10. This will include debloat, startup maintenance, system tweaks, and privacy settings. These 3 stages are broken down below and will help maintain a healthy Windows 10 system. I’d recommend re-running these steps every 6 months. Webpage Follow Along:

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1:45 Follow Along Guide
2:50 Debloat Script
7:25 Advanced Startup Modifications

28 Comments on Clean Up Windows 10 | 3 Steps For A Faster Computer

  1. Infected? Remove any virus with this video:
    1:45 Follow Along Guide
    2:50 Debloat Script
    7:25 Advanced Startup Modifications
    8:45 Advanced – Regedit
    10:15 Advanced – Task Scheduler
    11:28 System Tweaks and Privacy
    14:13 Hibernation off
    14:34 Shell Tricks for Speed

  2. These videos make me happy that I ditched Windows for MacOS and Linux.

  3. I am OS agnostic.Non are perfect and believe me i have used most of them.No problem with Linux but will the fanboys just accept the fact that some people actually prefer windows?Why should i give a damn if someone else prefers an operating system i am not using.

  4. Wow i get pretty a fast system chris tnx a lot????????????????????????????
    But need more on start up!

  5. if i had 'powershell'……

  6. is there anyway I can undo the "clean up?" In my Windows 10, I have some previously installed Windows 7 software; a few good ones got uninstalled in the process of clean up. For example, my Verizon messenger plus and so on. I would like to have them back. Thanks!

  7. I am sticking with my windows 7 pro myself.

  8. i just want to say thank you. i just purchased a lenovo a940 and it was so bloated when i got it i had hell with it since i got it so i did a complete reset followed your guide and the difference is just unreal. I really appreciate it.

  9. Thank you, this is very helpful!!!

  10. Thanks chris, found your page! picked up HP 14" windows 10 a couple days ago! noticed all this crap on here, very helpful video!

  11. My windows store is gone after using Debloater. How to reinstall all missing app?

  12. I've been reading the comments and apparently this Part 1 script doesn''t work for Ver. 1903? I have subscribed to you channel and awaiting an update. Thanks.

  13. Windows won't boot now after doing these steps, attempt to repair with no luck. Mentions a log file,
    Any ideas?

  14. Did this and got rid of 3.7 GB bloat also win starts in 15 second usually it took 20 seconds.

  15. When I try to turn off hibernation I receive an error.
    "Unable to perform operation. An unexpected error (0x65b) has occurred. Function failed during operation."
    What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

  16. I sent this to my son so I hope he knows how to do this. chuck

  17. this removed my nvidia control panel, thx

  18. This Is how yo convert a normal Windows to Windows LTSC

  19. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but Cortana keeps coming back. It does show a few components as "suspended." I was hoping this routine would get rid of the dreaded "disk usage 100%" problem with the wife's laptop, but so far no luck.

  20. Followed you because of your Windows10 tweaks not forLinux though. Thanks for this brother!

  21. I'm going to restart now let you how much faster Windows fully loads, cya in a bit!

  22. Thanks.

    I found your channel in the night shift this week.
    Run your script immediately the next day and adjust all other things.
    Windows is going very well. Thanks for the info.
    I am watching your other videos? And soon I want to start with Linux first on an old laptop and who knows later on my main computer.
    Greathings from the Netherlands

  23. adblock plus also makes your PC faster. end annoying advertising.

  24. I enabled dark screen and got just that, I now have a dark screen and nothing else, no menu nothing, solution pls

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